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ITV Emmerdale fans fear iconic character will ‘die at Christmas’ after New Year tease

ITV Emmerdale fans fear iconic character will ‘die at Christmas’ after New Year tease

Emmerdale viewers have been teased by soap opera executives that a cherished character will meet their maker in January, tearing apart one legendary family.
ITV viewers are concerned that a cherished Emmerdale character may be eliminated in the upcoming year. Watchers were warned by soap opera executives that a “tragedy in the village” will occur and that one person will meet their maker after Christmas.

The Mirror claims that Laura Shaw, an Emmerdale producer, informed them that “two of our most loved families will be affected by a tragedy that occurs in the village in January.” In the end, it will sever friendships and permanently alter the dynamics of one of those families.

Given that Eric Pollard (Chris Chittall) has been experiencing symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, fans are now certain that he will be the one to pass away. In the episode from Monday, he was having trouble managing his illness.

“If Eric dies at Christmas, then so do I. #emmerdale,” yelled one fan on X (Twitter), while another fan wrote, “DONT YOU DARE KILL OFF ERIC AT CHRISTMAS. #Emmerdale.” (sic)

A fourth person wrote: “Eric is breaking my heart; it must be so emotionally overwhelming for people who get a Parkinson’s diagnosis.” A third person wrote: “This Eric storyline is going to be heartbreaking.” Scary, difficult, and possibly a little lonely. This story has been portrayed well thus far; hopefully, it will end well. #Emmerdale. (sic)

As his symptoms worsened, Eric decided not to attend a Parkinson’s support group on Monday’s episode of Emmerdale. At first, he didn’t tell his loved ones about his diagnosis, but he recently told Brenda (Lesley Dunlop), David (Matthew Wolfenden), and Jacob (Joe Warren-Plant).

Later on, when he realizes his condition is getting worse, he is seen sobbing. Eric tells Brenda a falsehood when she questions him about the meeting, claiming that he was there.

Later in the episode, Eric tells Brenda and Jacob that he wasn’t at the meeting, as Brenda had already surmised. In a heartbreaking scene, Pollard admits he wasn’t prepared to attend and is consoled by Brenda.

Regarding Eric’s narrative, Laura stated: “When Eric Pollard receives a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis, he naturally feels terrified and uncertain about the implications for his future.

“We can tell this story really authentically over a long period of time and really shine light on what a diagnosis like this means, following Pollard on his journey of learning to live with it, thanks to the unique position of a show like Emmerdale.”

“Working closely with Parkinson’s UK, who have been guiding us through every step of the way, we hope seeing Pollard’s story helps to raise awareness of Parkinson’s and show the day to day reality of those living with it, as well as the impact it can have on friends, family and the local community.”

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