Home Soaps Coronation Street Coronation Street confirm Rovers Return’s new owners as re-opening date set

Coronation Street confirm Rovers Return’s new owners as re-opening date set

Coronation Street confirm Rovers Return’s new owners as re-opening date set

Supporters of Coronation Street witnessed the notorious Rovers Return battle financially earlier in the year, which led Jenny Connor to sell the bar.
Weathersfield’s local brewery is expected to reopen earlier than anticipated for Coronation Street viewers. The notorious pub has been boarded up for renovations for the last several months.

When business owner Jenny Connor (portrayed by Sally Ann Matthews) realized she couldn’t afford to keep it, the establishment’s future was called into question earlier this year. She gave in to Newton and Ridley despite her misgivings.

Jenny discovered that Newton and Ridley were being sold to Waterford Incorporated, so the sale did not proceed as expected. The company manager told Jenny that all of the employees’ contracts had ended as the Rovers arrived.

Waterford Incorporated decided to close the bar in order to do a thorough renovation, so the local is still boarded up on the cobbles. Official ITV spoilers, however, indicate that it will reopen with some well-known faces in charge.

Next week’s scenes will see Jenny inform Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) that their bid has been accepted. With the Rovers now formally owned by them, the two have become business partners.

Daisy is overjoyed at the turn of events and gives Jenny a big hug. They then talk about when the pub will open again.

But as soon as Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) approaches her and says he wants to talk to her, her thoughts are diverted.

She hopes he might want to attempt mending their relationship, but she has no idea what he wants to talk about.

Later on, Daisy tells Jenny she’s spoken with Waterford’s regarding when they can reopen, and she has some exciting news for her.

Jenny is overjoyed that the business has agreed to reopen the pub in time for New Year’s Eve.

Despite their longstanding close relationship, it appears that Jenny and Daisy’s partnership as business partners may not be without drama.

In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk and other media outlets, actress Charlotte Jordan hinted at the possibility of a struggle for supremacy.

It’s going to be a power struggle, she declared. That hierarchy of relationships has always been very evident.

It’s Daisy, Queen Jenny’s sidekick. It’s going to be very difficult for Jenny to treat Daisy as an equal now, I imagine.

Daisy has to act as though nothing has changed in public, so she will naturally want Jenny to respect her and give her and her ideas serious consideration behind closed doors. But something tells me this won’t go as planned!

Will their new business endeavor permanently sever their relationship?

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