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General Hospital Spoilers: Nikolas Cassadine On His Way Back – Did He Kill Austin?

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Nikolas Cassadine (Adam Huss) is on his way back to Port Charles. Could Nikolas be the person who killed Austin Holt (ex-Roger Howarth)? Why would Nikolas pull the plug on the person who saved his life?

Austin Holt Saved Nikolas Cassadine From Certain Death

According to General Hospital spoilers, Nikolas would not be alive today if Austin hadn’t given him a hand after Ava Jerome (Maura West) gave him a head injury.

Saving Nik was, of course, not exactly Austin’s plan. But it served as a means to a goal. Undoubtedly, Austin took advantage of this to gain Ava’s trust. Austin, meanwhile, had been lying to Ava the entire time.

Austin most definitely didn’t mind that he ended up in Ava’s bed as a result of this circumstance. If Austin hadn’t been lying to Ava the entire time, they might have been able to have a genuine relationship.

Ava had good cause to want Austin gone, particularly following her abduction by Mason Gatlin, the former Nathan Grey. However, Ava is much better at covering her tracks.

GH Spoilers: Why Would Nikolas Cassadine Kill Austin Holt?

Really, Nikolas had no motive to murder Austin. Nikolas was never harmed by whatever Austin did. Austin never made an attempt to kidnap him.

When Nikolas woke up from his coma and decided it was time to go, Austin did not even attempt to stop him. Given that Austin and Nikolas had no personal animosity, why would Nikolas murder him?

Given everything that has happened, is Austin attempting to blackmail Nikolas? Nikolas left most of his possessions to Ava. In an attempt to get off the island, Ava even listed Wydemere for sale.

Austin might have been pressuring him for cash so he could leave the city. After all, Cyrus had been giving him orders for months. Perhaps Nikolas got tired of the pressure.

General Hospital Spoilers: Did Nikolas Cassadine Plan To Frame Ava Jerome?

In order to frame Ava, Nikolas might have killed Austin. Normally, Nikolas wouldn’t just kill someone. However, Austin was prepared to conceal the harm that Ava had inflicted upon him.

But what Ava did was unintentional; she just intended to stop Nikolas from stealing her daughter, as he had threatened to do.

Could Austin have made Nikolas jealous? Jealousy would be the most sensible motive for Nikolas to get rid of Austin. Even when he is furious at Ava, Nikolas can’t help but be drawn to her.

Additionally, since Austin has turned dark, Nikolas is aware that Ava slept with him; this could be the cause.However, it is most likely that Nikolas had nothing to do with Austin’s death at all.

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