Home Soaps EASTENDERS EastEnders Nish death ‘sealed’ in Suki revenge twist – and it’s not on Christmas Day

EastEnders Nish death ‘sealed’ in Suki revenge twist – and it’s not on Christmas Day

EastEnders Nish death ‘sealed’ in Suki revenge twist – and it’s not on Christmas Day

EastEnders’ Suki recently discovered that Nish was most likely behind Eve’s disappearance and it looks as though her desire for revenge could end badly for her husband

Fans of EastEnders speculate that Nish’s time may be running out because Suki appears to be preparing to exact the ultimate retribution on her husband.

The BBC soap opera Monday, December 18, had Suki (Balvinder Sopal) and Stacey (Lacey Turner) fretting over Eve (Heather Peace), who has been absent for several weeks. Then, to Stacey’s surprise, a bouquet of flowers arrived with a note from Eve attached.

Why would Eve send flowers but not call, she wondered. Eve must have gone home, Stacey hinted as the flowers were despatched from Bradford.

But Suki was quick to point out that Eve said she would never go back to Bradford after her sister’s death. Suki urged Stacey to show the message to Jack (Scott Maslen) before heading off to do some digging of her own.

Back at her house, Suki went to use her laptop when the battery died. Pulling out another laptop, Suki was stunned as the florist in Bradford appeared in the search history.

Discovering that Nish (Navin Chowdhry) sent the flowers, Suki realised that he must have known about her affair with Eve. Suki shared her worries with Stacey, fearing that Nish killed Eve as an act of revenge.

Though Suki was sure she wouldn’t have left Eve there if she had known Nish knew about their romance, Stacey wondered if Nish could have driven Eve out of town.

Suki pushed Stacey to trust her as she went to the drugstore, knowing that they both feared the worst. Before heading back home, Suki snatched many medicines from the medicine cabinet and gave the order for Sonia (Natalie Cassidy) to leave.

While fans have tipped Nish to be the man who dies on Christmas Day, it appears it might happen sooner. Racing to social media, one viewer wrote: “Does Suki have murder on her mind?”

A second added: “Suki Panesar allowed herself to sit and be sad for less than one minute, ONE MINUTE, before she came to the conclusion that the only logical thing to do was kiII Nish. she has reached breaking point. hell hath no fury…”

Another echoed: “I support women’s rights, but most importantly I support women’s wrongs. MURDEROUS SUKI IS EVERYTHING.” A fourth posted: “Suki is plotting her revenge, NISH IS ABOUT TO GO BYE BYE.”

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