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Viewers of Emmerdale are shocked by Ryan Stocks’ disregard for his dying adopted son.

The secret Gail Loman had been hiding from Emmerdale viewers was eventually revealed when she acknowledged having a child with her lover Ryan Stocks.

After finding that Ryan Stocks’ son was ill, it appears that Emmerdale viewers were less than impressed with James Moore’s portrayal of Ryan Stocks.

This week, viewers of the ITV soap opera learned the cause of Gail Loman’s (Rachael Gill-Davis) odd behavior following a series of enigmatic phone calls.

The meeting with Sophie (Martha Cope) revealed that she was the adoptive mother of Oscar, a teenage kid that Gail and Ryan had when they were teenagers.

During their conversation, Sophie disclosed that their son was suffering from a severe case of aplastic anemia and urgently required a bone marrow transplant.

Gail received the disappointing news on Friday night that she was not a match and would need to ask Ryan to undergo testing.

She sobbed uncontrollably at the notion of telling her lover everything, so she confided in Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock), who persuaded her to tell Ryan because he would understand.

She followed his suggestion and sat down with Ryan, obviously anxious to tell him the news.

Ryan was incensed that Gail had lied to him by withholding the information that his son’s adoptive mother had been in contact as he processed the news.

He raged, “We are not his parents.”

She continued, “Yeah, we kind of are.”

Ryan, on the other hand, referred to what had transpired as a “mistake” and said it was the proper decision to give him up.

Gail admitted his son is sick and needs them right now despite not wanting to view a picture of him.

Ryan, who was still in shock at the information, commanded her to go right now.

Ryan’s response appeared to have left viewers unimpressed as he made it apparent that he had no desire to contact their dying kid.

“What an a*le Ryan is,” @itzzzo_ remarked. You must help a youngster if you could, regardless of the situation, right?

In addition, @1stLadyHooligan said: “I’m really surprised by Ryan’s reaction about Oscar.”

@Helz2011 said: “Odd reaction from Ryan, wasn’t expecting that.”

“He is your son Ryan and he is dying,” tweeted @KWMadhead94.

Ryan is a bit of a bd, isn’t he?, tweeted @aaron_dingles. Imagine having the opportunity to assist a sick child and not wanting to.

Ryan’s past has started to haunt him; he buried it, but it has now come to the surface, adding that @Jamal06122771 understood the response. And separating from his Son was certainly a difficult decision for him. He is unable to cope because the feelings have returned. He has good reason to feel this way.

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