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Neighbours Spoilers – The Varga-Murphys face an Anthrax threat

As a hazardous parcel arrives in the mail, the Linwell Brothers escalate their threats against the Varga-Murphy family in tonight’s episode of Neighbours.

The Varga-Murphys have become unwitting victims of some unscrupulous activities following Cara’s (Sara West) association with dubious builders in Werribee.

After leaving Werribee under duress, Cara discovered earlier in the week that WorkSafe wanted her to attest to the hazardous working conditions at the company. She then started to piece together the possibility that the brothers’ warning regarding the broken ceiling fan at Lassiters and their smashed car window was related to these incidents.

Cara and her spouse Remi (Naomi Rukavina) were observing from a distance, unaware of the parked automobile outside their residence while they talked about the revelation inside No. 30.

Things take a new, maybe fatal turn in today’s episode.

Everything begins at Harold’s when JJ (Riley Bryant) and Dex (Marley Williams) meet Andrew Rodwell (Lloyd Will). It’s only the first day in Erinsborough, despite the fact that four episodes have already aird, and JJ feels the need to apologise for running away from their driving lesson.

Using another proverb his father used to teach him, Andrew comforts JJ by stating, “When something’s working, stick at it.” After that, even though Cara had forewarned Andrew against it, the two decide to take another lesson in parallel parking.

Cara and Remi are at home, looking at their recently delivered motion-detect cameras. It’s all part of a plan to be extremely watchful in light of the latest information regarding the Linwell Brothers.

When the boys get back, Cara tells them that they should proceed with caution going forwards, and for JJ, that means he won’t be taking any driving lessons for the time being. Naturally, JJ jumps in and tells her about his scheme with Andrew, but Cara gets upset. She feels completely devalued by Andrew and, going forwards, doesn’t want anything to do with the Rodwells, especially in light of everything that happened with Wendy (Candice Leask).

But when Cara visits Andrew, their icy friendship starts to warm up.

According to Andrew, the Linwell Brothers’ investigation has shown that they match the description of the person the police believe vandalised their vehicle. Cara is a listed witness in the WorkSafe case, therefore it stands to reason that she will continue to be harassed until she takes herself off the witness list.

Cara arrived to tell Andrew to stop bothering JJ, but she quickly sees how much he actually cares. In Andrew’s opinion, the two families started off badly, and he would welcome the opportunity to make things right. Cara walks out, full of ideas.

Wendy asks her husband further questions once she overhears their talk. Despite his initial reluctance due to the sensitive nature of the matter, he eventually reveals all that is happening with Cara. He adds that the way the Linwell Brothers located the family after they moved is presently under investigation by the authorities.

Equipped with this understanding, Wendy withdraws. However, it’s quickly apparent exactly what Wendy has done. It was only a few weeks prior that Wendy contacted the Linwell Brothers for information on Cara, revealing her whereabouts, after persuading her daughter Sadie (Emerald Chan) to search Paul’s (Stefan Dennis) office. To what extent has she endangered the family?

Even with the current state of chaos in the family, JJ has one luxury that Cara provides for him back at No. 30: he can continue his driving lessons. JJ is appreciative, but Dex is now the issue.

JJ follows his brother into the sunroom and asks Dex how he feels about everything.

He tells his brother, “They’re just driving lessons,” but Dex isn’t having any of it.

Dex strikes JJ, fully aware that he is using these teachings to get closer to Andrew, the man he thinks might be his father.

He responds sharply, “It’s your fault if this blows up our family.”

Even while Dex is focused on JJ’s dishonesty, it appears that the family may be dealing with a much more serious issue.

Remi gathers her family in the room the following morning as she goes to get the mail.

She cuts herself on paper as she starts to go through it. She opens the letter without giving it much thought and discovers that her hand is covered with white powder.

Remi gives Cara the order to leave the house with the boys after realising how serious the situation is. Remi is upset about the prospect of anthrax.

Have the Varga-Murphys been permanently annihilated by the Linwell Brothers?

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