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Neighbours Spoilers – Mackenzie / Haz / Holly love triangle begins

Neighbours Spoilers – Mackenzie / Haz / Holly love triangle begins

After having a thing on Haz for weeks, Mackenzie is going to find herself in an awkward love triangle when Holly tries to win his affection on the upcoming episode of Neighbours.

After her husband Hendrix (Benny Turland) passed away, Mackenzie Hargreaves (Georgie Stone) hasn’t had an easy time finding love.

She claimed she wasn’t ready to move on for months to her friends Holly (Lucinda Armstrong-Hall) and Sadie (Emerald Chan), but eventually, with some mild prodding, she started using dating apps.

It wasn’t all plain sailing, of course; to start, she got stood up. However, she fell in love with Ed (Costa d’Angelo), a mysterious suitor, when she actually ran into him. Mackenzie allowed her emotions to take over and believed that this would be the first significant romance since Hendrix.

As luck would have it, Holly’s abusive ex-boyfriend Eden turned out to be Ed. As a result, Holly suffered another heartbreak, but this time she didn’t have her wedding rings because Eden had taken her purse.

After Mackenzie’s suitor’s identity was revealed, Holly and her roommate Haz (Shiv Palekar) located the lost objects. But in addition to finding them, they also discovered Eden, with whom Haz got into a physical altercation.

Eden and Haz got into a fight on the front lawn after Eden had confined Holly in a shed. Haz was victorious in the end, despite suffering a cut lip and a black eye, while Eden fled in his van.

After all was said and done, Holly had a fresh perspective on Haz. and fixed her gaze onto him.

She had no idea that Sadie had been pressuring Mackenzie to tell the café manager how she felt, hoping to play the role of cupid.

However, Mackenzie concluded she wasn’t ready for a relationship following her terrible encounter with Eden. Mackenzie allowed Holly to have Haz even though she knew she couldn’t commit herself to him completely. She watched as the daughter of a lustful man named Izzy Hoyland (Natalie Bassingthwaighte) hurled herself at him—possibly a bit too hard.

This week, Mackenzie starts to recognise the potential error in her actions.

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Now that Haz’s girlfriend Billie (Georgia Walters) is permanently gone, Holly seizes every opportunity to win Haz’s attention; tonight, it’s all about a pool game.

It’s a setback for Mackenzie, who is still unaware that Haz is beginning to develop feelings for her. His looks at her have changed over the last few weeks from being friendly to a little more passionate, longing, and more.

Holly suggests that Haz and she play pool at the pub, and Haz finds himself persuading Mackenzie to go along as his emotions start to show.

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Haz, Holly, and Mackenzie go to the Waterhole, where they hang around and quarrel over a game of pool. Mackenzie, on the other hand, is confined to the sidelines while she observes Holly using her charms to attempt to get Haz to notice her.

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Mack, regrettably, is forced to watch helplessly while Holly ramps up the flirtation. Before it’s too late, will she notice that Haz is starting to feel something for her?

As the results of the DNA test come in, the drama at numbers 26 and 32 has reached a breaking point.

After a confrontation with his brother Dex (Marley Williams), JJ (Riley Bryant) steals Mike’s (Guy Pearce) motorcycle from Andrew’s (Lloyd Will) driveaway, and everything comes to a head when JJ returns to Ramsay Street.

Naturally, the results of his DNA test, which indicated whether or not he was Andrew’s biological son, were given to Cara (Sara West) and Remi (Naomi Rukavina) as he ran from No. 32.

When Andrew returns, Wendy (Candice Leask), accompanied by a concerned Cara and Remi, joins him. She puts her foot in her mouth once more, announcing that the findings are in.

JJ is eager to hear what he has been anticipating all along. but it escapes his notice.

He is not his father, Andrew.

Deflated, JJ recognises that he has little to no prospect of ever seeing his father and that the unknown US donor must be his biological father.

JJ doesn’t seem to be the only one finding it difficult to process the news. Remi is still furious with Cara for keeping this information a secret for 17 years. Wendy is also upset with Andrew for giving her friend Philippa his sperm all those years ago, and Sadie isn’t sure how to react as she was only recently opening up to the possibility that she might have a sibling.

Even while the drama at No. 32 may be winding down, it appears like Andrew might be in for one more shock in the not too distant future.

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