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Neighbours: Alan Fletcher says Amazon’s revival was ‘the biggest shock I’ve ever had’

Stars of the popular Australian soap opera Neighbours, Alan Fletcher and Georgie Stone, claim they were shocked to learn that the show was getting a revival.

This week, the programme made its Amazon Freevee debut in a whole new age. After nearly three decades as Doctor Karl Kennedy, Fletcher believes his response to Neighbours’ second chance came as a surprise.

He tells Yahoo, “Well, it was the biggest shock I’ve ever had in my life.”

It never occurred to me that a television programme as large and massive as Neighbours, like Neighbours, could be saved.Ingrid Fletcher

“There are more than 25 people in the cast of this play; 200 people work on it. In two studios, it was filmed.

It’s a huge feature film released every week!

“I believed there was no way this programme could ever come back after it ended. However, Amazon noticed the number of viewers of the most recent episode and the petitions. After observing everything, they declared, “No, this show obviously has a huge audience, and it needs to be saved.”

Stone finds great meaning in the resurrection of his neighbours. “I was equally taken aback. However, I was overjoyed because, as it finished, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the younger performers and generations who wouldn’t get to experience it on the programme.

“It was so impactful and important for me as a young actor to have my start on Neighbours,” the actress, who plays Mackenzie again, continues. Thus, when it was revealed that it will be returning, my initial thought was, “Yes!” A new generation is now going to benefit from that education and fantastic basis.

That was very helpful, and I was delighted it was there whether or not I was going to return. Not only for the performers, but also for the workers. And since I too adore it, I was overjoyed when they asked me to return.Ingeborg Stone

A surprising turn of events has already been revealed by Neighbours: the marriage of Toadie (Ryan Moloney) and Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou).

“Aside from hearing the show was returning, it was the biggest shock I could have had,” Fletcher acknowledges.

Following The Doctor Will See You Now, I was staying in a hotel room in the United Kingdom. They were in a Melbourne boardroom at one in the morning.

“I let out a squeal when Jason revealed the twist, and I had to apologise for hurting everyone’s ears because it was so amazing.”

The actor guarantees that fans will finally receive answers to any enquiries they may have. “The brilliant thing is that, despite the seemingly unbelievable twist, they’ve managed to create this lovely story arc from the start of the new Neighbours with the two-year break.”

Everything becomes understandable and apparent, and that is a lovely ride to be on. When you combine it all with the familiar and beloved characteristics of your favourite neighbourhood, it almost feels like a thriller mystery.Ingrid Fletcher

We’ve discovered that Karl’s wife Susan (Jackie Woodburne) is hiding something from him as we move from one captivating narrative to another.

Karl and Susan’s relationship at the start of the programme, according to Fletcher, is built on the reality that they have both experienced significant life changes. “People may find themselves feeling a little anxious about the direction their lives are taking.”

The actor still has faith in the Kennedys, even though it may be a hard road ahead for them. The thing about Susan and Karl is that they’ve managed to come back to one another time and time again. However, it can be painful since there are a lot of things in life that people allow to stand in the way of their ability to resolve issues.

It can take years for Karl and Susan to reconnect with one another under certain situations. Thus, that is what makes [it] so beautiful. Whatever happens to Karl and Susan, I have a feeling they will always find a way back to one another—I’m not giving anything away here.

But it’s always going to be entirely uncertain how and when they do.

Karl faces more than just marital conflict. Returned to Ramsay Street is his daughter Holly (Lucinda Armstrong Hall), conceived after a liaison with his former partner Izzy Hoyland (Natalie Bassingthwaighte).

What can we anticipate from Holly, then? He explains, “She doesn’t want to be Izzy because she’s seen how many mistakes her mother makes, but she’s definitely Izzy’s daughter.”

In other words, Holly, played by Lucinda, is a complex young woman who is obstinate and stubborn, and Karl needs to figure out a way to support her since he cares for her. However, he must also figure out how to mentor her, which poses amazing difficulties. It’s an exquisitely written character.

As for Mackenzie, two years after losing her husband Hendrix (Ben Turland), a romantic relationship might be developing. Stone assures us, “She is in a much better place than when we last saw her.”

After going through the grief process for Hendrix’s passing, she is finally beginning to feel ready to go out and socialise once more. It was great to see her again in that amazing location. There is a little chemistry there, and she teases that she lives with Haz and they have a terrific friendship and sense of humour.

Thus, being able to establish a relationship there from the beginning was extremely amazing. I won’t give away any surprises about what occurs, but it was a lot of fun, and I really enjoy working with Shiv Palekar, who plays Haz. That was quite enjoyable.

“I believe that Mackenzie’s fans will be quite happy to see her stop sobbing in every scene. I’m glad that I’m not bawling after every scene, that much is certain.

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