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Home and Away Spoilers – Tane to choose between Felicity and kids

When Felicity informs Tane that she won’t alter her mind about having children, he will have to decide if she is enough for him in the UK version of Home and Away the next week.

Tane (Ethan Browne) has been considering their future together since he and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) recently bought some land in New Zealand. This week, during the couple’s meal with Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo), Cash made the observation that his younger sister was now older than he was, having gotten married, started her own company, and taken on a mortgage.

Given her difficult past, everyone would have believed Flick could never succeed until lately. Tane expressed his pride in her after she overcame her challenges. Tane started to have thoughts when Flick mentioned that she was excited about what lay ahead.

Tane revealed that he was considering asking Flick if she would like to try for a child when Cash observed that he was thinking about something. Tane had previously acknowledged that Flick’s position on never having children would not be a deal-breaker in their relationship, but he questions if she will have changed her mind on this, as she did with marriage.

Tane’s excitement at seeing his young cousins and family when he first returned from New Zealand a few weeks ago scared Flick into thinking he was planning to have a family of his own. Tane later disclosed that the later property purchase was a result of his hope to someday return to his own country, although it’s obvious that this was insufficient to satisfy his need.

Cash said that Tane would need to be a bold guy to bring up the topic with Flick, but the following morning, to Flick’s complete dismay, he did just that.

Reminding him that they’ve already discussed it aeons ago, Flick walks away with the intention of evading addressing the subject when we revisit the situation the following week. Flick excuses herself to go to work as Tane explains that he believed things may be different now.

Tane informs Cash and Eden that the talk didn’t go as planned when he gets back to the house. Eden goes to speak with Flick, while Cash stays with Tane, so it’s up to them to start repairing the damage. Tane is irritated at Flick for not providing a direct response to the query.

Flick confronts her brother and questions why he didn’t warn her, shocked that Eden even knows about the talk Tane was going to have with her. Cash believes he shouldn’t have said that.

Later, Eden and Tane would speak with each other. Tane states that he’s OK with the status quo and will gladly accept anything Flick requests, adding that he was only pondering the subject out of curiosity.

Eden speculates that Flick might not be ready to consider having children just yet, citing timing as the reason.

While this is going on, Flick tells Cash that she’s worried about hurting Tane again with her response and that she hates having to deal with his disappointment each time he poses the same query. She just needs to be honest with him, Cash says.

When Tane and Flick finally get back together after talking to everyone else, Tane apologises for bringing up the matter and says they may discuss it further later. Flick assures Tane, nevertheless, that it has nothing to do with the date and that she will never reconsider having children.

Tane is reminded by Flick of her own challenging upbringing, which included the early deaths of her parents. There is just too much pain in the world for her to ever bring a child into.

Tane tells Flick that everything is OK, but she can sense that he is disappointed once more.

But Tane can’t let it go, and he later tells Flick that there are many positive things in the world as well, so she shouldn’t base her choice solely on her one experience. It’s reasonable if she doesn’t want a child, but fear shouldn’t be a valid excuse for her decision.

Flick retorts, saying that he had assured her she was enough for him and that he would respect her decision to not have children.

Is it still the situation?

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