Home Soaps Home and Away Home and Away spoilers: Mackenzie second heart attack, Eden kidnapped and Remi ‘dies’

Home and Away spoilers: Mackenzie second heart attack, Eden kidnapped and Remi ‘dies’

Home and Away spoilers: Mackenzie second heart attack, Eden kidnapped and Remi ‘dies’

Fans of both teams will be glued to their seats the next week.

When paramedics visit Mackenzie at home following chest symptoms, they’re shocked to see that she’s fine. Mac declines their suggestion that she go back to the hospital.

She is later found comatose by Mali and Xander, and the former paramedic starts chest compressions. Just as Levi is about to say farewell to Summer Bay, paramedics wheel Mackenzie in.

Tane, Xander, and Mali assemble at the hospital as Levi gets ready to operate on her, knowing that her life is in danger. While Mali worries himself by reading about heart attacks online and learning that a second heart attack so soon after the first may be fatal, Mac’s pals wait for word on her condition.

Harper joins them at the hospital before Levi informs her that Mac has survived her surgery after she unintentionally tells Felicity about Mac.

Tane embraces Felicity close as she sobs in relief, and there’s a powerful feeling between them. Later, Felicity shows up to help as Tane gets ready to pack some stuff for Mac to go to the hospital. As Tane acknowledges that he felt it too, she speaks candidly with her ex about the moment they shared.

He informs Felicity that even though he still loves her, they are unable to be together. Eden is furious at her brother’s presence in another place. She proposes a retreat with Cash following an altercation with Levi.

Cash is talked out of staying in Summer Bay for Felicity and instead goes out of town with Eden. When they get there, Eden realizes they’re going to be camping for the weekend, so it’s not the area she was expecting.

Even though Eden tries her hardest to enjoy herself, it’s obvious that she’s not having fun. The following morning, while extracting a tick from an appalled Eden, Cash tells her how much he used to love going camping with his foster father Garry.

Eden phones Remi to come get her, even though the narrative moves her. After Cash overhears her on the phone, they get into a fight.

Cash diffuses the situation at last by offering a compromise: what if they stay one extra night and then book a beautiful hotel? Eden softens and tells Remi she’ll be staying over on her voicemail.

Remi is already riding his bike to pick up Eden in the meantime. Remi’s bike is struck by an oncoming car whose driver is preoccupied with a fight with one of his passengers.

Before his body reaches the ground, Remi is launched through the air. Wes, the driver, announces Remi’s death after examining a lifeless body.

Wes, in a panic, smashes Remi’s phone and then demands that the body be moved. Mickey, the passenger, initially objects, but eventually gives up, and the two cram Remi into the car and accelerate away down the highway.

As dusk approaches at the campsite, Eden exits the tent to use the restroom. Eden hears a sound coming from the neighboring bush and sees Mickey preparing a temporary burial.

Wes knocks her out from behind before she can understand what she’s witnessed, leaving her gagged and chained in the boot. Eden is nowhere to be found when Cash awakens the following morning.

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