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Home and Away Spoilers – John’s Surf Club return lands Alf in trouble

John decides to take back his position as club manager the next week on Home and Away in the UK, but at what cost will things get back to normal at Summer Bay Surf Lifesaving Club?

Following a complaint from student Banjo Henderson (Michael Cameron), John (Shane Withington) was heartbroken to learn that he would no longer be able to teach his bronze medallion lifesaving course at an executive committee meeting.

Because he was suffering from caffeine withdrawal, John wasn’t feeling well and kept making fun of Banjo’s loud shorts and calling him “man bun.”

On club president Alf’s (Ray Meagher) insistence, John later apologised to Banjo, but it didn’t seem to stop matters from getting worse.

Alf proved to be an unforeseen ally for John, pledging to do everything within his power to protect his honour. Given how Alf had treated him over the years, John was understandably sceptical, but Alf kept his word and became irate when the committee decided to permanently ban John from teaching.

John considered the bronze medallion to be the most satisfying aspect of his work, and considering all he had done for the club in the previous fifteen years, he considered the decision to be offensive. He made the decision to resign and give his whistle back to Alf as a result.

Before long, the club was in complete disarray as it became painfully obvious how much John did on a daily basis.

Dana (Ally Harris), a fellow student, attempted to persuade Banjo to back out after the bronze medallion sessions were postponed. Although Banjo expressed satisfaction with John’s apologies, he informed Dana that he had no control over the situation.

As it turned out, the person who had escalated the complaint was Banjo’s father, James Lugton’s character Simon Henderson of Yabbie Creek real estate, who wanted to punish John for making his son seem bad.

To further matters, Simon is also the primary sponsor of the surf club, so the committee doesn’t want to offend him for fear of him taking his money!

Alf grudgingly acknowledged he would have to post job ads to find a replacement once they were forced to close the juice bar as well. He had been trying to persuade John to come back.

George Parker’s character Roo hurriedly intervened, offering to take over the position while they persisted in trying to persuade John to change his mind because, well, she had nothing better to do.

The following week, John gives Dana a dinner shout-out at Salt to appreciate her work with Banjo. He obviously means one meal and one drink for dinner, but Dana doesn’t think she even deserves that because her attempt to assist didn’t go well.

Later, Roo executes her plan by presenting John with the “Surf Club Bible” that he has assembled over the years in the hopes that the list of all the pupils he has taught and the memory of his devoted service will be sufficient to lure him back.

NOTE: Among John’s former students are names like Harman Away, Amanda Rin, Helena Handbasket, Piers Dinier, and Schlem Phlegm, suggesting that the prop department was having a little fun when putting together the roster.

Although reading the list of names makes John feel nostalgic, it doesn’t have the expected effect since in the end, he tells Roo that the names are simply words on a sheet.
However, it makes John pause for thought. Later, he tells Dana and Irene (Lynne McGranger) that he is going to start his own surf awareness classes in order to assist aspiring lifeguards in earning their bronze medallion—JP’s Triple S (Surf Safety School)!

When Alf finds out about John’s plan, he gets irritated and asks why he is offering a course that is exactly the same as the one that the surf club already gives.

Alf tears down John’s leaflet and tells him it’s a waste of time and effort after discovering that he’s pinning it to the club noticeboard. He should just come forward and say that he wants his job back if he is that serious about it.

Alf says he will stand up for John and try to regain his teaching privileges if he is prepared to do that.

John, moved, affirms without hesitation that he does wish to return.

Now that the pretence has ended, Alf can get to work, which requires speaking with Simon Henderson.

Alf asks Simon to meet him that evening at Salt after establishing that John and Simon have never had a falling out. John acknowledges that he doesn’t really know the man.

Alf argues John’s case, but Simon doesn’t accept it. Instead of appearing weak by changing his decision, he wants Banjo to know that he has his back.
Alf notes that Simon is merely attempting to gain favour with his son at the price of John’s employment, but it appears that Simon only considers the consequences as incidental.

Alf shows courage by declaring that, in his capacity as club president, he is overriding the committee’s decision, even though Simon has previously shown out that the committee has already reached a decision.

Simon threatens the club with “consequences,” but Alf is not going to be intimidated into giving in.

John wonders how in the world Alf managed to pull it off as he walks downstairs and informs him that he has been reinstated, which includes getting back his teaching powers.

As he glares past them, Alf decides not to disclose that he’s turned on Simon.

Has Alf overindulged in his bite?

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