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Home and Away Spoilers – Leah’s insomnia turns to paranoia

Coming up on Home and Away in Australia, Leah begins to suffer from paranoia as she starts to see Justin as the enemy and orders Rose to arrest him.

Leah (Ada Nicodemou) has been experiencing sleeplessness ever since her current fiancé was nearly killed during the kidnapping ordeal that involved Justin (James Stewart).

The two were duped into thinking they had won a lavish vacation for two, but it was all a deception. The entire incident was orchestrated by the Vita Nova cult, who abducted them as they were leaving Summer Bay and left them in an abandoned warehouse in the middle of nowhere.

After a while, Leah was able to escape and sound the alarm, but Justin’s prior attempt had resulted in a collapsed lung and shattered ribs. Leah has suffered as a result of their physical and emotional struggle, even though he has since fully recovered.

Her nightmares, which transported her back to the warehouse and Justin’s subsequent battles in the hospital, were keeping her from falling asleep.

After she eventually confided in Justin, he volunteered to stay up with her every night until she fell asleep, which appeared to help. Initially, she had kept her tragedy a secret.

But last week, it became evident that her problems were far from ended when, returning from an afternoon spent with Theo’s mother Cassandra, she passed out behind the wheel, ran a red light, and was involved in an accident.

Then, Leah resisted talking to Justin, telling him that he wouldn’t get it and angrily stating that even though he was healed, she was still in pain.

“I can’t sleep, because every time I close my eyes, I see you there, dying.” she snapped.

When Leah later returned home from work, she dropped a bombshell on Justin. “I need to walk about the wedding,” she explained, holding Justin’s hand. “We need to postpone it.”

Now, a new promo shows that Leah’s insomnia turns to paranoia, as she begins to think Justin is a threat.

Things begin in Monday’s episode, as Leah takes off her wedding ring and tells Justin that she doesn’t want to marry him at all.

“She’s still not 100%,” Justin explains to Roo (Georgie Parker) at the garage. “I love Leah, I want us to get married as soon as possible, but right now she’s struggling.”

Roo then makes her way to Leah and Justin’s residence, where she naively inquires as to whether Leah has received any of her phone calls, which she has been ignoring. When Roo brings up what Justin told her, Leah becomes very upset.

“So Justin is talking about me behind my back?”

She jumps in her car – which she’d already agreed not to drive after her recent accident – and storms straight into the garage to confront Justin.

“I thought we’d decided you weren’t going to drive any more?” Justin asks as he sees her arrive, but Leah isn’t in the mood to hear it.

“I didn’t realise I needed your permission!”

“Is gossiping about me meant to help?” she continues. “Are you trying to make me look bad?”

Later, back at Leah and Justin’s house, Justin tells her, “we can’t go on like this,” which prompts an angry reaction from her.

“There will be no wedding. I don’t want to marry you, ever!” she tells him, before taking off her engagement ring, laying it down on the counter and storming out.

Then, things take a very dark turn in later episodes, as Leah begins to resent Justin’s attempts to get close to her.

A new promo shows Roo try to convince Leah to change her mind, as she explains, “Leah, he loves you so much, y’know, he just wants you to be happy.”

We then see her sneak into the garage, where she spots Justin on the phone as he casually spins a large spanner in his hand.

Then, at the police station, Rose (Kirsty Marillier) tells Justin: “Leah’s asked me to arrest you.”


In an interview room at Yabbie Creek Police Station, we see Leah shaking her head, looking panicked.

Then, at the diner, her paranoia fully sets in. The promo shows her frantically moving tables and chairs in front of the doors and windows, barricading herself in.

We hear Rose say: “We need to be getting her to a doctor.”

Justin tries to talk to Leah through the locked and barricaded diner door, telling her, “your mind’s starting to play tricks on you.”

But she won’t listen, and she brandishes a large kitchen knife as she begins to fear that her fiancé / ex-fiancé is a threat.

She hides in the corner as Justin’s shadow lurks ominously at the door.

“Leah, I would never hurt you.”

“You’re a liar.”

“I love you,” Justin reassures her.

“How did it get this bad?” Justin asks Theo (Matt Evans) in another scene.

“It wasn’t Leah,” Theo reassures him. “It was someone else.”

The promo ends with Justin finally finding his way into the diner – but he’s not expecting what’s on the other side of the door.

Leah, angrily brandishing the knife.

“Can his love bring her back?” asks the promo’s voiceover.

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