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Home and Away Spoilers – Leah packs her bags in fear of Justin

As Leah’s hallucinations develop worse the next week on Home and Away in the UK, she starts to think Justin is a member of Vita Nova who is trying to harm her.

Leah’s (Ada Nicodemou) desire to put off their wedding plans while she attends to her mental health concerns has Justin (James Stewart) in disbelief right now.

Leah has been experiencing sleeplessness due to nightmares she has every night. However, last week, she passed out while driving and blew a red light, which resulted in an accident.

Though he had agreed to take things a little slower and thought Leah had moved over her problems, Justin had not anticipated that she would want to reschedule their wedding.

Next week, Justin grudgingly grants Leah’s request, but advises them to remain silent for the time being to avoid attracting unwelcome attention. Justin continues to want to discuss matters further, but Leah swiftly uses Theo’s (Matt Evans) appearance as a distraction to leave for work.

But Justin can’t shake an uneasy feeling, so he quickly goes to the diner to ask questions. Surely, she’s simply delaying the wedding rather than calling it off entirely?

Leah just responded that she doesn’t know what she wants right now and doesn’t want to talk about it.

Leah fuels herself with coffee the next morning at the garage, after yet another restless night, and offers one to Justin as an apology for being brief with him.

But she lashes out, accusing him of constantly trying to “fix” her faults when she sees that he’s working on the car that struck her.

Leah informs Justin that there was no need for him to become involved as the insurance would pay everything, even though he reminds her that they had previously discussed his restoring the car.

From the workplace, Theo hears them arguing and wonders what’s going on. Because Leah feels that they should give him an explanation, Justin tells him that Leah has decided to put off the wedding.

Naturally, Theo is worried, but the pair reassures him that they are still together and just need some time to sort things out.

Later in the week, Roo (Georgie Parker) informs Irene (Lynne McGranger) that she wants to plan a get-together at Salt for the ladies to celebrate Leah’s engagement. The only issue is that Leah is nowhere to be found.

He is upset when Roo calls him to find out where Leah is and why she isn’t returning calls because Leah is also avoiding him.

When Justin hangs up on her, Roo is shocked and goes to the garage to see what in the world is going on. Justin is compelled to inform her that Leah isn’t ready for marriage when she begs him to make sure she is at Salt tonight for a surprise proposal party.

Leah is upset to learn that Justin has gone behind her back and informed Roo about her decision to postpone the wedding when Roo eventually catches up with her.

Leah storms back around to the garage, where she confronts Justin and asks him if he was attempting to make her appear terrible in order to gain sympathy.

Leah won’t have any of it, even though he claims he was only attempting to protect her from being blindsided by what would have been embarrassing engagement celebrations.

Leah accuses Justin of gaslighting her as he tries to propose that it’s time for her to obtain professional help since he’s not sure how long they can continue this way.

Reaching her breaking point, Leah bluntly informs Justin that she has no intention of marrying him and that there will never be a wedding!

That night, when Leah is by herself in bed, she starts to get paranoid because she hears voices. Leah is scared when she sees Justin’s shadow beneath the door while he considers going to check on her because she thinks she hears him threateningly murmuring her name.

When Leah returns to the garage the following morning, she sees Justin on the phone, conversing with someone.

While Justin is only conversing with a customer, Leah’s imagination distorts reality to the extent that she perceives a totally distinct dialogue.

She hears Justin talking about how he’s going to “fix” Leah after she caused the disaster as she imagines him brandishing a spanner.

A fictitious 17 mm spanner

Leah gets cold feet, thinking that Justin has fallen victim to Vita Nova’s spell and is after her, when she thinks she hears him say, “The End is Near.”

Terrified, Leah dashes back to the residence, retrieves a suitcase, and commences hurling her entire wardrobe inside. She needs to leave Justin alone!

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