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Home and Away sets up romance for Xander and Dana

Home and Away sets up romance for Xander and Dana

Dana and Xander’s romance on Home and Away has been alluded to, but it doesn’t seem like things will go well for them.

Dana (Ally Harris) has been encouraging her sister Harper (Jessica Redmayne) to date again in recent Australian episodes. Harper found out that her ex-fiance had subsequently gotten married and had a child with his new girlfriend.

After learning that Harper had abandoned her then-fiance to care for Dana, she spent the anniversary of what was supposed to be her wedding day lusting after her former and scrolling through his social media accounts.

Dana attempted to pair Harper and Xander (Luke Van Os) after feeling bad about her role in their breakup and persuading Xander to bring Harper to the “Moonlight at Salt” event he was planning.

The pair quickly realised that they weren’t compatible – which is a relief, as Dana soon realised that she had a crush on Xander herself.

She told Irene (Lynne McGranger) that she had a crush on someone, but she didn’t tell anyone who they were.

Dana’s behavior toward Xander changed in tonight’s Australian episodes once she became aware of her sentiments; Xander’s sister Rose (Kirsty Marillier) noticed this right away.

“Do you think my brother is cute?” Rose, still unable to help herself from interfering in her brother’s romantic life, exclaimed as she walked up to Dana.

Dana implored Rose to keep the revelation to herself, but Rose stunned her by admitting that her crush was “that obvious.”

The news won’t be a secret for long, as evidenced by a recent promo in which Irene observes the two amusingly conversing at the coffee cart.

Irene informs Harper, “He’s the one that Dana’s got the crush on,” to which Harper responds, “Wait, what?”

Word is getting out quickly—Harper was unaware that her sister had a crush on anyone!

Harper gives encouragement to her sister, asking her to “be brave and tell Xander how you feel.”

After Dana appears to heed her sister’s advise, Xander and Dana are shown together in Salt in another scene from the teaser.

We won’t believe it until we see it because Home and Away’s ads are notorious for tricking us with phrases taken out of context, but we see Dana saying Xander, “I think we can be something more.”

Has she actually told Xander how she feels?

Regretfully, it seems that Xander finds out about Dana’s emotions sooner rather than later, as teasers for Thursday, February 22nd, next week pose the question, “Has Xander lost a friend?” soon after “Dana risks everything for her heart.”

Does this mean that Xander doesn’t feel the same way, endangering his connection with Dana?

Fortunately, despite Xander’s initial hesitancy, we know that the two do eventually hook up because actors Luke Van Os and Ally Harris have been sighted filming scenes in which they get intimate.

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