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Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ who really killed Heath Hope after Angelica King betrayal

Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ who really killed Heath Hope after Angelica King betrayal

Tuesday night, the people of Emmerdale were left in grief as they attempted to accept Heath Hope’s passing.

After Cathy Hope (played by Gabrielle Dowling) revealed that she wasn’t behind the wheel when her twin brother Heath (Sebastian Dowling) was killed, Emmerdale viewers were left in shock. Both the teenager and Angelica King (Rebecca Bakes) were taken into custody on suspicion of reckless driving. Cathy claimed to the police that Angelica was the one who killed her brother in the collision.

But in an abrupt change of events, Angelica claimed to the police that Cathy was driving; but who is telling the truth? Fans shared their opinions and theories about how the plot would develop on social media after the episode. Many seem to believe that a straightforward DNA test on the vehicle will identify the driver at the scene of the collision.

Reaching out to X “#emmerdale,” as shared by @Pammy500 All it would take to determine who was behind the wheel is to examine the airbag’s DNA.”

“The seatbelt and airbag marks should show the driver. Were they examined as in Angelica and Cathy?” echoed @tamlizann25. #Emmerdale.

As @Darryl__ predicted, “I actually think Cathy might be telling the truth this time and Angelica was driving #Emmerdale,” tweeted @Samanth22356123.Jason went on to say: “Handprints/blood DNA on the steering wheel will prove who was driving.” (sic)

@OooAuto continued: “There will be blood on the windscreen from the driver and passenger DNA #Emmerdale.”

@LunaLocoJewels made the following suggestion: “Cathy will detest Bob for not believing her because of her past, and Bob won’t believe her because of that and will give her a hard time. Angelica will eventually admit it was her. The final phase.”

“Damnit, I missed it,” enquired @megster1986. Is Cathy telling the truth? I assume she’s from #emmerdale.”

@Beardybill1 continued: “The seatbelt bruising will be a tell-tale of who was driving and who was in passenger seat #emmerdale.” (sic)

In the intense police sequences, Cathy acknowledged that she had driven the car and taken the keys. But she told the truth about what actually transpired during the questioning.

“I am aware of what everyone believes,” the young lady sobbed. “Everyone points the finger at me.

“But I didn’t lose control of the car, I wasn’t even driving when it crashed.”

“What?” Lesley Dunlop’s Brenda enquired. “Cathy adores I understand your frustration, but…”

Cathy cried, “See,” and then glared, “I knew you wouldn’t believe me.”

In his own words, the policeman “it’s important you tell us the truth.”

“Cathy insisted that Angelica was the one driving.” “She caused the vehicle to crash. It’s her fault, not mine, that health is dead.”

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