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EastEnders fans ‘in tears’ as beloved character bids farewell just a week after arrival

Whitney Dean and Zack Hudson of EastEnders recently started fostering children and were assigned Ashton to care for, which made them wonder if it was the right decision for them.

After Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) and Zack Hudson (James Farrar) were forced to say goodbye to their foster child Ashton, EastEnders viewers were left inconsolable during tonight’s episode. Even though they had made some of the best memories for him and knew their time with him would be limited, they were nonetheless devastated when he had to go.

Whitney was devastated to have to say goodbye to Ashton in tonight’s episode, not knowing if Zack would stick by her through thick and thin. He didn’t come home until after midnight, leaving Whitney and Ashton to ring in the new year alone.

Whitney broke the news that she was pregnant, but she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do with it, as the couple waved Ashton off as he returned home.

Fans of the show expressed their grief over his departure on their X accounts—previously known as Twitter.

“Whitney & Zack saying goodbye to Ashton #EastEnders,” tweeted @KerryLouiseRoss.

In response, @griannedoherty wrote: “Aw, Ashton, in it literally less than a week.”

@whitneysdean tweeted: “Zack having the green and red apples in his hands while saying goodbye to ashton is actually making me cry real tears wtf #EastEnders.”

As mentioned by @RyanTheSoapking: “It was very sweet to see Whitney and Zack embrace Ashton together. #EastEnders.

Kiera Somers said, “Not Ashton leaving just yet! God bless Whitney, he brought her such joy!” (sic)

Whitney acknowledged she wasn’t sure where they would go after she and Zack lost their daughter Peach to miscarriage last year.

Chris Clenshaw, the head of Soap, has hinted before that Whitney and Zack will experience a Christmas miracle.

Shona continued, “I have decided to spread my wings and will be leaving,” in reference to her departure. I’ve enjoyed my time on the show. I have formed enduring friendships and family and have been entrusted with some incredible storylines.”

After securing the role of Belle in the Beauty and the Beast production, she was compelled to resign from her first job since leaving the soap opera.

She posted an update to her followers on social media, saying, “Guys. As you are aware, I have been feeling under the weather lately and have regrettably contracted the worst cold and flu symptoms along with an extremely sore throat!

“I completed today’s show, though it wasn’t easy. Being sick comes at such a terrible time. Normal! In the middle of a pantomime! devastated

“I sincerely apologize to anyone who was specifically planning to see me at the panto tonight, but I must withdraw from both tonight’s and possibly tomorrow’s performance. I’m taking a lot of medication and antibiotics!

“I’m going to take my medication and recover! I’m determined to return there as soon as possible and sing my heart out once more! Tonight’s Belle will be played by the amazing Laura. She is truly amazing.”

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