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Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ Charity Dingle in danger as Mack held hostage

Charity Dingle of Emmerdale was suspicious after partner Mackenzie Boyd left her a strange voicemail.

Mack Boyd, portrayed by Lawrence Robb in Emmerdale, has been abducted by Chloe Harris’s (Jessie Elland) vindictive father. Mack has been held captive by Chloe’s violent father Damon Harris (Robert Beck) as payback for what he did to Chloe.

Mack cheated on Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) on the ITV soap opera earlier this year, which caused Chloe to become pregnant with their son. After parting ways with Charity, he quickly let his gaze wander once more and cheated on Chloe with Charity.

Now that he and Charity are back together, he has left Chloe in pieces to start over in her life. Damon returned to his daughter’s life recently, but she is unaware that he has taken Mack hostage.

He has been making fun of Mack ever since he kidnapped him, but he didn’t tell him he was Chloe’s father until the episode on Wednesday. He was also upset that Mack had called Chloe “just some girl” before realizing who he was, even though Mack appeared worried about Charity.

Charity was suspicious as soon as she heard the odd voicemail from Mack, who was pushing Charity away under Damon’s coercion. She swore to herself to find out the truth.

Mack left Charity in a voicemail, coerced by Damon to keep her away: “Charity, I got your message.

“I felt that we should give each other space after our argument because I need it right now.

“I need some time away from everything, so stop picking at my head. I need some time apart from you.

“Too much has happened lately so if you really want to help me you’ll level me alone, no calls, no texts, no nothing.”

Later, Charity confided in Chas Dinge (Lucy Pargeter) and said, “Something’s not right.

It appears as though he was withholding something. He would say something if he was upset with me, don’t you think?

“He has consistently done and… He didn’t say “I love you,” as we usually do.”

Charity said “I don’t know, but I’m going to find out” in response to Chase’s question about what he’s playing at.

As soon as possible, supporters expressed their worries about Charity on social media.

A fan posted on Facebook that a “loved character is going to die.” We assumed Charity or Chloe would be the one.

Someone else wrote: “If they get rid of Mack and charity then l won’t watch it no more the storylines are getting more and more ridiculous!” (sic)

Tweeted by @sofaneilas: “I will eat my top hat if they kill her [Charity] off.”

“Chloe’s dad is a proper piece of work…,” @jakki_may continued. Chloe knew from the beginning that Mac was with Charity in #Emmerdale.”

“I wonder if charity will save Mack?” asked @mikepriestley13. #Emmerdale.

@Baker_BCFC posted: “You wouldn’t say that when you find out what’s happening to Mack will you Charity #Emmerdale.”

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