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Emmerdale fans make same complaint as Chloe Harris learns dark truth

In the most recent episode of Emmerdale, Chloe Harris at last learned what her father, Damon Harris, has been up to.

As viewers of the ITV soap opera Emmerdale tuned in on Thursday, they all said the same thing. In the most recent episode, Jessie Elland’s character Chloe Harris learned that her father Damon Harris (Robert Beck) had been holding her former partner Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) captive.

Once Dangerous Damon realized how much Mack had shattered Chloe’s heart. Mack cheated on Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) earlier this year, which caused Chloe to become pregnant with their son.

After parting ways with Charity, he quickly let his gaze wander once more and cheated on Chloe with Charity. Now that he and Charity are back together, he has left Chloe in pieces to start over in her life.

When Damon found out the truth, though, he wasn’t going to overlook it. Mack has been imprisoned by him in a barn for days, strapped to a chair.

In Thursday’s episode, Chloe quickly developed a suspicion against her father after getting a frantic voicemail from a terrified Charity. In the end, Damon took Chloe to see Mack, who was covered in bruises and cuts.

When fans expressed their opinions on X, the former name of Twitter, during the episode, they all said the same thing: they weren’t happy with Chloe’s response.

“People can say what they want about Mac, but his FIRST instinct was to protect everyone under mental duress,” wrote @angelofmusic27. I hope this results in that whackadoodle losing custody and being sent to prison because Chloe’s FIRST instinct is revenge and how to carry it out. #emmerdale.

“Hoping Mack survives and then Chloe can p*** off #emmerdale,” wrote @lornawatts.

“All this stuff with Mack is a bit of an overreaction, isn’t it?” voiced a complaint on Jamie Summers TV. #Emmerdale.

“Chloe forgets how she stole Mack in first place & like a clingy weirdo knowing what she knew stayed with Mack so yeah you are a psycho girl #Emmerdale,” @topgooner100 sighed.

Shared by @SARamsay1: “Chloe is messed up and bitter. Although Mack didn’t really want her to die, which is why he didn’t get her out of the car, she will always carry that knowledge with her if she lets him die! #Emmerdale.

However, not everyone was in agreement. @tho63245152 wrote: “And mack t**w will win yet again. Since we already know he survives, he won’t exact his revenge until charity wakes up and throws him out permanently. #emmerdale.

Shouting, “Oh my God, what have you done?” Chloe was horrified to see what her father had done to Mack. when she observed his condition.

Damon was attempting to convince Mack to consent to not speaking to Reuben, his infant son with Chloe, at all.

But even though Chloe was pressuring him to accept, he refused.

Mack stated to her: “I know I’ve hurt you emotionally, but not once have I ever…”

Chloe cut him off, saying, “Left me to die,” alluding to the time Mack had been with Chloe and had saved Charity from an automobile accident.

Later, as Mack begged Chloe to assist him, the two conversed.

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