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Eastenders Spoilers:Mick Carter covered up the murder of Leo King in the Whitney Dean affair twist?


After a horrific confrontation with Whitney Dean, EASTENDERS villain Leo King's reign of terror has finally ended. But, as the troubled market trader calls Mick Carter for assistance, will the cover-up of the attack lead to a tragic accident affecting his own family?
 Eastenders will be treated to a week of twists, shocking stories, and explosive clashes as the show marks its 35th anniversary. Whitney Dean has been harassed and terrorized by Leo King for months, and the effects of their violent confrontation will be played on the Thames as Queen Vic's regulars let loose at the boat party.
Determined to prove his father's innocence, Leo obsessively stalked Whitney and questioned her each time he could. Whitney's abusive relationship with Tony King started when she was only 12, but Leo became sure she had lied. In recent BBC soap episodes, Whitney was shocked to find Leo hiding in her house after reporting a break-in to the police.

Since pressuring her to apologize to her father and telling the Queen Vic regulars that she had lied about her violence, her friends thought that Leo had left the square for good. According to Whitney, Leo was hiding in her attic, watching her sleep, undressing, and trying to carry on with her life.
In an emotional conversation with Kush Kazemi, Whitney revealed that she had kept a letter that Tony had sent to her before he died.
All alone in the house, Leo turned the living room upside down in an attempt to find a note, but the police were not convinced that he was behind the robbery.
Later, Whitney learned that the letter had gone alone before Leo makes his presence known.
Leo confronted Whitney with the note that Tony ' forgives' Whitney and revealed his intentions to get justice for his father.
After failing to escape, Whitney battled with Leo before unintentionally stabbing him in the chest in the act of self-defense.
But in the next scenes, Whitney turned to Mick Carter as she fears she's going to be blamed for Leo's murder. 

Mick informs her and is desperate to keep her safe from further suffering, but could this be the beginning of a couple rediscovering their feelings for each other? The pub owner tells Whitney they're supposed to go to the boat party, so they both have an alibi.
But when drunken Linda Carter sees the two together, she's angry and tells the bus to leave without them.
When the couple finally arrives on the boat, Whitney can't stop thinking about the situation in which she left Leo and whether she's going to survive. 
Back in the square, Sonia Fowler returns home to face the police.
Was Leo found dead, or did he survive and point his finger firmly to Whitney?

In the meantime, Mick is trying to keep Whitney calm on the boat, but Linda sees and shows herself.
Yet disaster strikes when a confused Mick pulls his attention away from his family as a drunk Linda wanders around the boat 
Could Linda be the focus of East Enders ' 35th-anniversary celebrations when she sees her husband and Whitney getting close, or could another Carter family member be in danger?

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