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EastEnders fans predict ‘return’ for major characters after Christmas appearance

EastEnders fans predict ‘return’ for major characters after Christmas appearance

After Linda Carter killed Keanu Taylor by stabbing him, the fans of EastEnders finally saw her exposed as the Christmas killer, leaving The Six in a desperate attempt to stage a cover-up.

Fans of EastEnders have speculated that in the upcoming year, Mitch Baker (Roger Griffiths) and Karen Taylor (Lorrain Stanley) will make their way back to Walford. When it became apparent that Karen had participated in the fictitious kidnapping of her grandson Albie Watts (Arthur Gentleman), the couple swiftly left the square.

This Christmas, Bernie Taylor (Clair Norris) was by herself as she battled to forgive her brother Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) for subjecting their family to the ordeal of being kidnapped. The siblings appeared to put their differences aside until his sister’s electricity was turned off and she couldn’t pay her rent, at which point he showed no concern for her.

In order to feel less alone, she hoped to persuade him to talk to Sharon about letting Karen return to Walford.

She was not invited to the wedding by Keanu, who would not consider the idea for fear that it would reveal his secret.

Bernie, who felt deceived, finally had enough and went up to Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) to tell him that Keanu, not Karen, was to blame for Albie’s kidnapping.

enraged Phil went to the church, where he told the prospective bride Sharon the truth. Sharon took great delight in telling her fiancé Keanu that Albie isn’t truly his son, and she slapped him across the face.

Later that night, Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) fatally stabbed Keanu after he stormed into The Vic and confronted Sharon, acting aggressively toward her.

Fans of the program started to believe that Karen and Mitch would be going back to the Square, but it might just be for Keanu’s burial.

User @sophiegambell questioned on their X accounts, which were formerly known as Twitter: “So do we think Karen and the family would come back for Keanu’s funeral though? #EastEnders.

“No one’s talking about how Karen has now lost two children #EastEnders,” said @jeanetteexxx.

“There’s no way they’d kill Keanu and not have Karen back for the funeral,” @babyspicy_ remarked.

“Karen and her family received a lavish send-off. That farewell would be meaningless, right? #Eastenders.”

“Not to minimize Keanu’s passing… but does that imply Queen Karen will be making a comeback to the square soon?” @sleepingpixiee continued. #EastEnders.

@MuyombeDroit_ tweeted: “Keanu’s death is bound to break Karen, regardless of what he did to her the fact that she has to bury yet another child is bare sad #Eastenders.”

@CMZ4L stated: “Remembered now… “EastEnders’ Karen Taylor will have to bury ANOTHER child”

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