Home Soaps Coronation Street Corrie Mason’s downfall ‘sealed’ as surprise resident set to ‘put an end’ to bully

Corrie Mason’s downfall ‘sealed’ as surprise resident set to ‘put an end’ to bully

Corrie Mason’s downfall ‘sealed’ as surprise resident set to ‘put an end’ to bully

Coronation Street’s Mason Radcliffe has been causing trouble on the cobbles — but AI reckons one unlikely star is set to “put an end to his reign of terror”

Bully Mason Radcliffe of Coronation Street may be seriously in danger, according to AI.

As followers will remember, Luca Toolan’s portrayal of the character has been central to a new narrative about bullying. Ever since he initially appeared on the cobblestones, he has been frightening Liam Connor (Charlie Wrenshall).

To the horror of his father Sean Tully (Antony Cotton), he has been able to take Dylan Wilson (Liam McCheyne) under his wing in the last few weeks. After he got Dylan to give him his new footwear, he set Liam up with the school after Sean got in touch with them.

In the end, the bully planted the shoes in his locker to make it appear as though he had stolen them. But Liam’s situation quickly deteriorated.

After Liam’s stepfather Gary Windass (Mikey North) threatened him, Mason confronted Liam for becoming a spy on him. After school, Mason and his group, which included Dylan, cornered Liam.

Mason then began taking pictures of Liam after the others hurled trash at him. But Mason drew a knife after Liam slapped the phone out of his hand.

When Liam and the other members of Mason’s group spotted the weapon, they both turned to stare in horror. Fortunately, Liam made it out unscathed and went home, telling his stepbrother Jake that he had just received a knife threat.

Mason was later walking home when he was contacted by the police, who had received a tip that he was carrying a hazardous weapon. They then requested to search Mason. Despite Mason’s apparent abandonment of the knife, the police appeared to have lost the case.

When he got home, Jake admitted that he had phoned the police in an attempt to have Mason taken into custody. But Liam’s situation was further exacerbated by this.

Liam’s phone lighted up with messages from Mason and his friends calling him a rat at the end of the episode when he was lying in bed in the dark. The boy then put down his phone, tears running down his cheeks.

It’s now being said that Mason’s reign of terror might come to an end due to an unexpected resident on the cobbles. Additionally, the person might surprise the audience.

To find out who may exact revenge on Mason, Daily Star put one of the most well-known artificially intelligent “creative” tools in the world to the test: Bard AI. “Given the present dynamics between the characters, it appears plausible that any of the following individuals could take action against Mason,” the software retorted.

After that, the system listed the possible candidates. First to use Bard AI, Gary Windass observes that “he has a strong protective instinct towards his adoptive son.”

“He has already addressed Mason’s bullying behavior once. And he could think that in order to keep Liam safe, he must take more extreme steps.

persistent personality Another person who AI believes could get retribution on Mason is Sean Tully. “Sean is a close friend of Gary’s and has also personally witnessed Mason’s bullying,” the program stated.

He has a strong sense of justice in addition to being a nice and sensitive person. He could feel obliged to step in and put a stop to Mason’s terror.

Viewers will be surprised by the third character that the show believes could make Mason pay. Jake, Liam’s stepbrother, could assist, according to Bard AI.

The system stated that Jake and his stepbrother might not get along because of Jake’s devotion to Dylan. Jake might feel driven to step in and confront Mason or try to reason with him if he sees Mason being bullied directly.

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