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Coronation Street’s Billy Mayhew star details ‘incredibly emotional’ scenes as exit looms

EXCLUSIVE: Billy Mayhew and Paul Foreman tied the knot in a covert church ceremony last month, which Coronation Street viewers witnessed.
Actor Daniel Brocklebank of Coronation Street talked about the poignant moments he filmed with Peter Ash’s character, Paul Foreman.

As Paul’s condition has gotten worse over the past few months, viewers of the ITV soap opera have watched as Paul was diagnosed with MND earlier this year.
Despite the fact that his life expectancy has considerably decreased, he is resolved to live life to the fullest and spend his last months with his loved ones.

Getting married to his partner Billy Mayhew in front of their friends and family at the Bistro was a part of this.

The scenes leading up to Billy and Paul’s wedding were discussed by soap opera star Daniel Brocklebank in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk.

Billy’s new husband had a big surprise in store for them, despite the fact that at first he thought their special day would take place at the Bistro.

Paul had planned a covert wedding at Billy’s church after locating a vicar to marry them, but it wasn’t well received by everyone.

Daniel remarked, “It was a beautiful moment; I’ve been in Corrie for the best part of a decade.” in reference to the wedding scenes.

Throughout the time I’ve been here, I’ve performed wedding ceremonies for people and have stood at the front of the church, watching them come towards me as they walk down the aisle.

It was really quite emotional to suddenly be the one going down that aisle. Billy is emotional, after all, and the scenes are masterfully written.

Daniel is particularly attached to the Paul’s MND story because his grandfather tragically passed away from the illness.

The actor discussed the significance of the plot while acknowledging that some of the scenes with Paul remind him of the struggles he had with his family.

“My Monday to Friday can be quite an emotional rollercoaster,” he continued.

Fortunately, Pete and I get along like a house on fire. We laugh a lot and look for as many humorous moments as we can in even the most tragic scenes to try and keep the mood light.

“There are going to be colorful and bright moments in your life if you are living with MND or any other terminal illness; it’s not all bad news.”

As Paul’s condition worsens, it’s thought that Peter will leave the soap opera later this year in tragic scenes.

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