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Coronation Street star confirms ‘We’re glad to be back’ as Rovers Return is set to reopen

Residents of Coronation Street are left wondering where to get drunk after the Rovers Return closed and was taken over by a different business.

Jodie Prenger, a Coronation Street star, spoke with the Loose Women panel about the thrilling news of the Rovers Return reopening. Sally-Ann Matthews’s character Jenny Connor and Charlotte Jordan’s character Daisy Midgeley recently stole money from Todd Boyce’s character Stephen Reid in order to repurchase the bar.

Since the money was initially Carla Connor’s (Alison King’s), the two chose to keep it a secret from her. Jenny clarified that Daisy could only be listed as a co-owner on the documents if it was kept a secret, in which case her name would be above the door. Daisy was adamant about being named as such.

Jodie excitedly announced that the Rovers Return will reopen on New Year’s Eve when she joined Christine Lampard, Linda Robson, Gloria Hunniford, and Kelle Bryan.

Christine responded, “That’s what the Rovers is all about and we need it back in our lives, tell us, will the doors be opening again?”

“The doors will be opening again,” she confirmed. I really really miss it when you’re not filming on it, which is why it’s so sad!

However, it has undergone renovations and now looks stunning, cozy, and welcoming. We are all happy to be back. A great way to start the new year is on New Year’s Eve.”

When Linda questioned Jodie about her ideal landlord or landlady, she replied, “I would say Julie Goodyear just to be in a scene with her.”

“I did work with her recently and she was everything I imagined and more.”

Although the reopening of the famous pub has made Weatherfield residents very happy, producer Iain MacLeod recently talked about the difficult times Jenny and Daisy will face.

He stated to the press, including Express.co.uk: “We don’t want it closed for too long because it is practically a character in and of itself. The Land Rovers.

“I feel like closing it has been like a death, and it is almost more significant to me than the people who met their untimely demise at the hands of Stephen Reid.”

“It is not going to stay closed for that long because the idea that the pubs were boarded up was horrifying. Even walking up the lot and seeing that was like a dagger to the heart.

“It actually reopens on New Year’s Eve, I believe, but what’s interesting about it is that the circumstances surrounding its reopening are all related to Stephen’s legacy.

“If the pub’s keys are lost, someone will do something, at best mischievous, at worst slightly illegal, to get them back and reopen it.

Therefore, it will reopen, but this time on the somewhat shaky basis of, say, a criminal act. The viewers will probably be thinking, “Okay, the pub is open, but what catastrophe will befall the person who allowed that to happen.”

“Because everything hinges on the transgression they committed at the close of the year. We did not want it to simply reopen as if nothing had occurred. We intended for it to open up with this bomb buried underneath it, set to go off later in the year.”

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