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Coronation Street fans fume at Jenny as she and Daisy buy back Rovers with ‘dirty’ money

A few months ago, Jenny Connor of Coronation Street lost her cherished pub due to new owners taking over after she was unable to make rent payments. But is she going to make a mess of herself trying to get it back?

After deciding to use Carla Connor’s (Alison King) stolen money to repurchase the pub, Jenny Connor (Sally-Ann Matthews) and Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) of Coronation Street might have found themselves in serious trouble tonight. After stealing money from Underworld’s accounts, Todd Boyce’s character Stephen Reid left Jenny and Carla to try to figure out how to get into his account.

The journal containing Stephen’s passwords was thrown away by Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) in Monday night’s episode, forcing Daisy to retrieve it from the trash can. Daisy eventually gained access and discovered the missing money after figuring out the passwords, but she had no plans to return it.

Tonight’s decision by Jenny and Daisy to keep the money instead of returning it to Carla and use it to repurchase the Rovers left viewers furious with them.

Following their chance encounter on the street, Carla informed Jenny about a significant meeting she was attending that could potentially land her a big deal and help the factory get off the ground.

Jenny had to bite the bullet and ask Carla for a loan so that, should the deal go through, she could buy back the Rovers. But, Cala shot back, asking, “Is this a joke? Sorry, Jenny, but no.”

Daisy was determined to show Jenny what she had discovered when she got back to Rita’s apartment, telling Jenny, “We are celebrating. That.”

As Jenny saw that Stephen’s account was displayed on the screen, she exclaimed, “You found it! You did find the entire amount that he had stolen.”

Daisy joked, “Yeah and we could keep every penny,” but Jenny insisted she was returning it to Carla. Jenny was not having any of it.

Jenny, however, had a change of heart after learning that Carla had pulled off the deal and that Underworld was no longer in danger.

Later that day, she spoke with Daisy and said, “I saw Carla earlier. I kept it from her. I’m on board. Let’s purchase the bar.

“But you’re right—we need to think outside the box! I’m going to act as though I was successful in getting a bank loan after all.”

Daisy stated, “See, this is the Jenny that I know and love,” as her one condition for making the deal. You can act as though the bar is yours, but I want to be listed as a co-owner on the title deed.”

Jenny nodded cautiously: “All right. However, we would have to keep that a secret as we were unable to explain your sudden co-ownership.”

Daisy went on, pleased with the terms: “All right. “In private we are equals, but in public it is yours,” Jenny said, adding one more requirement.

“That’s right. Additionally, we return Carla every single penny as soon as we can,” Daisy said with a smile, and the two exclaimed, “Deal!”

Disappointed with Jenny, viewers vented on their X accounts—previously known as Twitter accounts—expressing their feelings.

“JENNY CONNOR DO NOT PROVOKE DAISY #corrie,” cried @itsamyyyylouise.

“Jenny, this is going to backfire on you. #Corrie,” wrote Ryan Glendenning.

@janwilkins59 tweeted: “So Carla is going to be a silent partner of the Rovers and she doesn’t even know lol!! #Corrie.”

In response, @floweroflondon said: “Criminals. The two of them. #corrie.

@StuartYoung001 remarked: “Reward Carla! How long will it take a drunk on the side of the road to earn that much money? #Illogical #Corrie.”

“Jenny & Daisy becoming thieving criminals?” joked @Greg_D_75. #corrie.

Chris Sutherwood proposed: “Once Carls finds out she will be the NEW landlady of The Rovers & I couldn’t think of anyone better, she’s got it ALL #perfect #Corrie.”

“Can’t wait for this to backfire on Daisy and Jenny. #Corrie,” shouted @LoveChrisandAli. (sic)

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