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Who does Coronation Street star Tristan Gemmill play in The Crown?

Actor Tristan Gemmill of Coronation Street moved from the cobbles to The Crown; who does he play now?

A surprise appearance by Tristan Gemmill of Coronation Street can be seen in the recently released final season of The Crown.

Netflix’s exploration of the history of the British monarchy comes to an end with part two of series six, which marks the end of creator Peter Morgan’s royal drama.

In an effort to follow each stage of the royal family’s life, the main cast has notably switched every two seasons, with some new actors added for supporting parts.

One star in particular that might have drawn subscribers’ attention is Tristan Gemill, an actor from Coronation Street.

Tristan Gemmill, a star of Coronation Street, plays whom in The Crown?

Before he left in 2019, Tracy Barlow’s (Kate Ford) chef ex-husband Robert Preston ran the Bistro for four years, trailed by Tristan Gemmill of Coronation Street.

He now appears in a brief but significant scene for Princess Margaret (Lesley Manville) in season six of The Crown.

The princess’s health gradually deteriorates in Ritz, episode eight of season six, as she experiences three strokes.

Dr. Richard Thompson (Tristan Gemmill) seems to give her the prognosis and a reality check following her first stroke.

Dr. Thompson tells Princess Margaret that her stroke was “relatively mild” and that all she would need to do is take “an aspirin a day to thin the blood” while she is seen applying lipstick in her hospital bed.

“But these alone will not be enough ma’am to prevent the risk of a second, more serious stroke,” he says, much to her dismay.

“You’ll need to take a closer look at your lifestyle and adjust a few things.”

Princess Margaret then tells her sister Queen Elizabeth II (Imelda Staunton) that she was instructed to give up smoking and drinking, but that the advice obviously didn’t stick.

After being cremated and her ashes dispersed in the King George VI Memorial Chapel at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor, she passed away on February 9, 2002.

Fans of Corrie will recall that Gemmill’s time on the cobbles ended tragically.

Robert was leading a double life. He was having a romantic relationship with Michelle O’Connor (Kym Marsh), but during their brief breakup, he had an affair and became pregnant with Vicky Jefferies (Kerri Quinn).

It wasn’t until his son was born and Michelle was prepared to meet him at the Rovers Return that she learned the truth.

However, he was shot dead through the glass panel of the pub door just as he was ready to enter with the teddy bear in hand.

Unfortunately, Robert paid the price when businessman Derek Milligan (Craige Els), who was at odds with Gary Windass (Mikey North) over money, unintentionally killed him.

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