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Super-fans of EastEnders find out that audiences skipped the hints that Dennis would die.

Last night, EASTENDERS fans saw Dennis Mitchell die horrifyingly as the explosive episodes of the 35th anniversary came to a close.
Ian Beale locked him up in a room below deck that ultimately left the lad unable to escape with anybody else–but some spectators had found out that he was the character that wouldn't survive all the time.

Dennis Mitchell was wiped out in a flood of water on Friday night​​

​​Many had Dennis identified as they guy who would perish on the show, due to a number of sly hints which were dropped in the days – and in some cases weeks.

Stuart gave a theatrical performance about a doomed ‘boy in the green’

Denny was seen racing around the boat in a green coat

Stuart Highway, dressed as Captain Hook in a truly creepy manner, alluded to a "black nasty kid" who would "never grow up."

He was thinking to Peter Pan, of course – but Dennis was dressed in a green jacket too and will unfortunately never grow up now.

One user tweeted: "I figured it would be him that died after Stuart's Peter Pan joke of a child never growing up, and Denny being in a green coat. Death really sad and tragic!”

Dennis’s life was worn on by Sharon – despite knowing full well she was lying

Sharon swearing on the life of Dennis, Sharon swore on the life of Dennis that there was nothing going on between her and Keanu Taylor-months before he died.

Once Louise Mitchell made her vow, she launched the huge whopper, with Sharon insisting: "Get a bible if you like." Then she pressed: "On the life of Dennis." Sharon then replied: "On the life of my mother." One supporter predicted: "I resigned myself to the reality that Dennis is gone … it started once Sharon said ' On the life of my son '."

Dennis managed to get a message out from his makeshift prison​

As the seas rise, Dennis scrambled for his phone and sent a voicemail to his mother, yelping: "Ian's stuck me in a space on the cruise. I need support, I can't get out. "Most people correctly suspected that his fate was sealed–and that Sharon would go mad at Ian in a subsequent twist of the storyline.

One sleuth amateur tweeted: "He left a voice mail to sharon, want to bet she'll listen to it once he's gone and accuse ian for his murder."

Sharon told her baby: ‘Your brother is going to be here soon’

Sharon's enticing destiny One thing no one should ever do on EastEnders is to suggest that anyone will have a happy ending–because it typically means tragedy.

Sharon did just that, saying to her newborn son: "There you gave me quite a fright.


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