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Ryder Jackson And The Man Behind Him, Lukas Radovich

This mischievous Home And Away character will steal your heart away! – by 

Home and Away occupies a close and dear place in the household of every Aussie.At least one million people view the beloved soap opera each night, smattering records since its inception in 1988. It follows fictional residents of New South Wales town, Summer Bay – seeing them going through love, trials and heartbreaks. Home and Away wouldn't be complete without their rotating cast of colourful characters, apart from sparking important conversations around controversial topics like rape, coming out and alcoholism! Ryder Jackson, a recent addition to the show, has caused quite a stir with his intriguing storyline and touching demeanour. The charismatic Lukas Radovich, a stranger to television who has insane acting chops and a whole lot of cuteness, has brought him to life. Prepare to get your heart stolen as we have all the deets on Ryder and his Home and Away debut, as well as a peek into the life of Lukas.

The Stewart Family​

When Home and Away began broadcasting in 1988 it revolved primarily around the Fletcher family's lives. The show has been around for a long time, and as their careers grew, most of the original cast and characters departed the show. Alf Stewart and his daughter Roo Stewart-played by Ray Meagher and Justine Clark-are the only surviving roles from the original roster. Alf Stewart's family and community have been the core of the series since 2010.

Ryder Jackson’s Place In Summer Bay​

When Ryder Jackson joined the Summer Bay community in 2017, the show's fans were quick to speculate what were his motives and agenda. His first appearance in the show was being stolen from the surf shop and caught by VJ and Hunter. He was then taken to Alf and decided to drop the bombshell that he was the long-lost grandson of Alf. Ryder is apparently Quinn Jackson's son, Alf's estranged daughter. Alf and Roo initially did not believe him, and it did not help his case when Ryder denied giving them Quinn's number and stole money from Alf again.

A major focus of the Summer Bay stay of Ryder Jackson is building his relationship with his family together. We soon learn that, while Quinn was on a cruise, Ryder ran away from the boot camp to look for his grandpa. One night, Ryder was observed by Alf and Roo to have an awful vision and Quinn told them he always had them.  Quinn spilt to Alf and Roo that her life was ruined by Ryder's unpredictable sleeping pattern. This, in turn, caused Ryder to storm and steal Alf's car-sadly hitting Roo and sending her to the hospital. Ultimately things settled down, and Quinn agreed to let Ryder stay in Summer Bay, knowing that Alf and Roo can give Ryder the care he deserves.

Without his love interests, Coco Astoni and Raffy Morrisson, Ryder's voyage to Summer Bay would not be complete. Ryder originally became more involved in Raffy, but she decided to reject Ryder when Raffy discovered that Coco had a crush on Ryder. Ryder then pursued Coco and was eventually reunited. But, after Ryder got jealous of Coco's mate, Jeremy, they agreed to split. 

Rekindling their mutual interest, Raffy and Ryder soon enough became an item.

Getting To Know Lukas Radovich

Lukas Radovich, a local Faulconbridge acting since high school. He has since attended Australia School for Vocal Performance. He has been involved in the productions of the Blue Mountains Musical Society playing roles in Bye Bye Birdie, The Sound of Music and Grease. He has entered the WAAPA (Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts) graduating in Acting with a Bachelor of Arts– entering alumni ranks such as Hugh Jackman and Tim Minchin. It's no wonder he bagged a role in Home and Away with an acting background like that!

Only recently Lukas appeared in Shakespeare by Night–a one night series with handpicked Shakespeare scenes."I love performing Shakespeare so it was an any-brainer that I decided to apply. The rest of the cast was brilliant and I couldn't wait to see what they were coming up with, "he excitedly said. Lukas has found meaning, in addition to acting, by launching Your Mouth Collective in 2015.YMC is a group of artists united by their aim of creating socially relevant work on both screen and stage.YMC performers have headquarters in Perth, Brisbane and Sydney.

What is Lukas’ age? 24

How tall is Lukas? 188 cm​ ​

Where does Lukas live? Sydney’s Inner West

Is Lukas single or taken? Lukas has been very private about his personal life. As of now, we have no clues who Lukas is dating.

What are Lukas’ hobbies? He goes hiking whenever he goes home to the Blue Mountains. 

Has Lukas starred in other TV shows/films? Yes. Lukas has starred in a comedy film called Hens Night. 


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