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Relive Home And Away’s most memorable moments as the TV soap turns 30

In 1988, the weeknight soap opera made its television debut in Australia.

And for the past 30 years, the drama-filled plotlines of Home And Away have been delighting viewers of Channel Seven (and the rest of the world).

Daily Mail Australia went back and relived some of Summer Bay’s most memorable moments to commemorate this significant occasion. But do YOU still recall these?

Despite being Australia’s second-longest running drama series, the venerable program has received more than 45 Logie Awards, making it the most honored program overall.

Over the past three decades, the stars have taken the audience on a number of emotional adventures, with many of the Summer Bay favorites moving on to achieve success in Hollywood.
15 of the most notable events since the 90-minute premiere on January 17, 1988, are listed below:

Runaway bride! In 1988, Roo (played by Justine Clarke) and husband-to-be Frank (Alex Papps) were headed for a ‘shot-gun wedding’ after Roo revealed she was pregnant, but at the last moment she revealed Frank wasn’t the real father of the unborn child and called the wedding off

Even though it was the first full-blown wedding in the series, things didn’t turn out well for the expecting couple.

After Roo (played by Justine Clarke) revealed she was pregnant, she and future husband Frank (Alex Papps) were on their way to a “shot-gun wedding” in 1988.

After telling Frank who the real father of her unborn child was, the soap star—who is still a Summer Bay resident—became a runaway bride.

Angel Surprises With A Wedding Day Miracle – 1995 

Already a memorable event, Shane and Angel’s wedding to their high school sweethearts shocked the audience with a tear-jerking miracle.

During the scenario, Angel (played by Melissa George) was in a wheelchair and paralyzed after being hit by Alf’s automobile as she crossed the street.

The blonde actress startled the audience when she stood up from her chair during the ceremony, put on her lace gown, and WALKED down the church aisle.

A Big Fat Great Wedding – 2001 

Big fat Greek (and Scottish) wedding! Leah made an honest man out of lifeguard and part-time stripper Vinnie after tying the knot in a blended wedding with Greek and Scottish traditions

Leah (Ada Nicodemou), who had fled a previous marriage, first encountered Vinnie (Ryan Kwantan) when she came in Summer Bay.

The lifeguard and part-time stripper quickly fell in love with one other, and when they were married in a fusion of Greek and Scottish traditions, Leah turned him into an honest man.

They later had a son together, VJ, but when Vinnie was found dead in 2010, Leah remarried in 2015 to a teacher named Zac (Charlie Clausen).

Dani Goes To Jail – 2003  

Behind bars: Dani (played by Tammin Sursok) accidentally hit Kane (who raped her) with her car and left him for dead, thinking it was an animal, and was charged and found guilty for attempted murder

While residing in Summer Bay, schoolgirl Dani (Tammin Sursok) was dealt a difficult hand.

Dani was sexually assaulted by bad boy Kane Phillips (Sam Atwell), but when the young student brought the case to court, Kane was cleared.

After the family failed to persuade Kirsty (Christie Hayes) to leave him, he later developed feelings for her younger sister.

When Dani hit Kane with her car one evening, she thought it was an animal and left him for dead. She was accused of attempted murder and convicted guilty.

Touching moment! During Hayley (Bec Hewitt- nee Cartwright) and Noah’s (Beau Brady) emotional wedding, Hayley was reunited with her dead father Ken who walked her down the aisle

Bec Hewitt appears on Home and Away in bikini back in 2005

Without ghosts, it wouldn’t be a soap opera! Hayley (Bec Hewitt, nee Cartwright) was reunited with her deceased father Ken, who escorted her down the aisle, during her tearful wedding to Noah (Beau Brady). After dying in an automobile accident in a garage while working on a vehicle, Anthony Phelan’s character, Ken Smith, made multiple ghostly appearances.

Leah births surrogate child for Sally – 2004  

Strong friendships bind the cast of Home and Away together.

And in 2004, when Sally’s ovarian cancer rendered her infertile, Leah volunteered to be her surrogate.

After Sally’s adoptive mother, Flynn (Joel McIlroy) and wife Sally Fletcher (Kate Ritchie) name their adorable child Pippa.

The Summer Bay Stalker Mystery – 2005

In 2005, there was a mystery about the whereabouts of a stalker in Summer Bay that left viewers perplexed for several months.

The stalker abducted Sally, set up a plane crash, and set fire to a house, terrifying the people of Summer Bay.

Later on, Nurse Eve (Emily Perry) came to light as the stalker, wanting retribution for the passing of Sarah Lewis, a former patient and friend.

Sally’s Student Stabs Her –  2006

Sally had been an actress on the show for eighteen years when her character was abducted, struck by a car, and later found to have ovarian cancer.

She was also viciously stabbed in 2006 and forced to battle for her life.

While attempting to assist Rocco (Ian Meadows), a disturbed student and former gang member, the fan favorite was stabbed with a knife.

THAT Raunchy Pole Dance In PG Time Slot – 2007 

That’s not VERY PG! The family-friendly show aired a controversial scene involved Martha MacKenzie (Jodi Gordon – nee Anasta) grinding on a pole in a scantily-clad sailors outfit at boyfriend Cam’s club in 2007

The family-friendly program, which airs at 7 p.m., caused controversy in 2007 after airing an extremely sultry scene.

At her boyfriend Cam’s club, Martha MacKenzie (Jodi Gordon, nee Anasta), wearing a skimpy sailors attire, was seen grinding on a pole. This was the contentious moment.

Cam was able to easily persuade Martha into pole dancing because she was weak and easy to manipulate, and the show quickly went downhill from there.

Sally’s Long-lost Brother Milco Returns – 2007

Fans of the show thought Milco was Sally’s imaginary buddy from childhood because of the premise.

However, twenty years later, a new person shows up in Summer Bay claiming to be Miles, Sally’s long-lost twin brother.

The actress Kate Ritchie quipped last year that she was surprised by the twist and acknowledged that she frequently had trouble recalling her own intricate show plots.

The River Boys Arrive – 2011 

The notorious ‘River Boys’ group made their soap opera debut in 2011.

The Mangrove River surfing tribe brothers, Darryl “Brax” (Steve Peacocke), Heath (Dan Ewing), and Casey Braxton (Lincoln Younes), were introduced.

There were rumors that the “fictitious” River Boys were influenced by The Bra Boys, a Sydney surf culture group from the 1990s.

Kyle Kidnaps Casey In Desert – 2012 

The disturbed young man made an iconic arrival on the show, handing father Danny Braxton a forged passport and a revolver.

Then, as Casey and his brother Brax were camping in the forest, Kyle abducted Casey, who was unaware of his identity.

Before his brother finds him and rescues him, Kyle’s girlfriend gives him water to stay alive while he is shackled to an old automobile in the desert.

You May Now… Punch The Groom? – 2013 

You may now… punch the groom? Health confessed he had cheated on Bianca (Lisa Gormley) during his wild bucks’ night before saying ‘I do’, with Bianca furiously knocking out her fiancé in front of guests, before fleeing the venue.

‘I do’s’ and a kiss are supposed to conclude wedding ceremonies.

But thanks to the bride, the ceremony between Heath and Bianca (Lisa Gormley) concluded with the groom asleep.

Before saying “I do,” Health admitted that he had cheated on Bianca during his wild bucks’ night. Bianca then angrily knocked out her fiancé in front of the guests and left the venue.

Ricky and Brax Welcome Child – 2015 

In 2015, Ricky Sharpe (Bonnie Sveen) and Brax, the super couple from Home and Away, welcomed a kid together.

A week after giving birth, Ricky excitedly brought the baby to meet the pleased father in jail while Brax was incarcerated.

In a heartfelt moment, she adds that Brax’s younger brother, who passed away the night Ricky discovered she was expecting, inspired the name Casey for the baby.

Bachelorette Sam Frost Debuts As Actress – 2017 

Reactions to the former Bachelorette star’s decision to star in a soap opera on Home and Away were divided among fans and industry insiders.

In addition, Sam Frost made her eagerly awaited debut in the 2017 season finale episode, while her character Jasmine was embroiled in a fatal car accident.

Sam was really quiet throughout her visit, but when the show returns this year, she should be on it more often.

Home And Away returns to Channel Seven from January 29 and airs Monday to Thursday from 7pm

Home And Away returns to Channel Seven from January 29 and airs Monday to Thursday from 7pm

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