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Neighbours’ Takaya Honda and Matt Wilson promise huge fallout of Flashback Week as David Tanaka and Aaron Brennan return

Neighbours favourites David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) and Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson), despite having relocated far, far away, will find themselves back in Ramsay Street for next week’s incredible flashback spectacular.

The beloved couple has been noticeably missing from the Amazon Freevee revival series of the long-running soap opera, leaving fans to worry if we would ever see them return to Erinsborough.

As viewers are aware, David served time in prison and lost his whole career at the end of the Channel 5 series last year. Despite this, he made the decision to remain in Ramsay Street and start a new life with his spouse, Aaron.

However, in the made-up world of the programme, two years later, the two have drifted apart, and David and his father Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) are at odds more than ever over an unspecified issue.

Next week, Neighbours’ massive flashback episodes will fill in all the blanks between what happened when the show went off air and when it returned, preparing the stage for David and Aaron to make an incredible comeback. These much anticipated mysteries surrounding their departure will finally be answered.

“It’s so nice to come back in the flashback,” David actor Takaya Honda told Metro.co.uk. When a story this deep and intricate but makes sense is offered to you, it’s amazing.

“Because it’s not over quickly, and you feel like it will work in the end when it’s on screen, so I’m hoping the audience can go along with it and understand the complexities.”

Fans should expect more friction between David and dad Paul upon his return, as their disagreement was a major factor in David’s decision to leave Erinsborough.

Paul is the “redemption king,” according to Takaya. “He always finds a way to right his wrongs and makes amends,” he said. David is the one who confronts him. And at this point, he strongly criticised him for it.

How will their relationship develop if they are going back to the Street together, David and Aaron? Can it be repaired? Will Paul have to struggle for David’s forgiveness and show that he has changed and learnt from his experience, or will David forgive him simply because he is on the street and has to? I believe the audience will find that trip to be incredibly fascinating to see.

Think of us as highly curious.

When David and Aaron get back, their daughter Isla’s mother, Nicolette Stone, will also be waiting for them. Hannah Monson will now portray the role; Charlotte Chimes, whose amazing performance astounded the crowd, has been replaced.

Aaron’s actor Matt Wilson was quick to compliment Hannah. He informed us that “many of the new cast are such fantastic actors.” Actors have even been known to turn up to observe and take notes on days when they shouldn’t have.

It’s such a pleasure to work with them since they are so committed to the performance. One of those is Hannah, who is exceptionally talented. And all I need is for her to find humour in my jokes.

Already, we are fans.

In a similar vein, Takaya was all praise for Hannah, calling her “brilliant” when she first arrived. He said, “You can’t come on a show like this and imitate what someone else has done.” It was the ideal time in that sense since “it’s never going to work,” especially for the amount of time you’re going to do it for.

‘All our characters have matured significantly, so Hannah offers a fresh perspective on Nicolette that I believe the viewers will like. Because Nicolette is so amazing, I can’t wait for the public to see what else she has in store!

More than a year has passed since Takaya and Matt concluded what they believed to be their final Neighbours season. But now that they’re ready to start a new chapter for the characters, both actors are quite happy about it because they fit back into their parts so naturally.

Takaya stated, “David is like a second skin to me,” and Matt said Aaron was so comfortable to come back to because of the compelling writing and narrative. The length of time we’ve spent playing these roles is a great blessing for us. We’ve shot every bit of the backstory; in contrast, if you were entering a brand-new narrative or movie, you would have to create those connections on the fly.

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