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Huge exit, David’s jailed, and Corey’s caught: 7 big Neighbours spoilers

It’s a week of justice vs injustice in Erinsborough when one Neighbours local gets their comeuppance while another falls foul of the long arm of the law.

That person is David (Takaya Honda), who is having an innocent day out when he is arrested and imprisoned before his time. How will his family save him when his life is put in jeopardy?

When Corey (Laurence Boxhall) is discovered playing at his own game by a Wiley teen, he faces true justice. Will Harlow (Jemma Donovan) obtain the answers she’s been looking for?

When Zara (Freya Van Dyke) makes a perceptive observation about her mother Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) having feelings for Toadie, things could get awkward (Ryan Moloney).

Glen (Richard Huggett) makes a huge decision about how he plans to tackle his addiction.

And concerns are raised for a grieving Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) when it seems like she might not be coping well after all.

Here’s what’s ahead in Neighbours.

Boat disaster seals David’s fate?

David is doing well; he’s slowly getting back on track, he’s spending quality time with his husband, and they even managed to get away for a few days. He’s nearly completely forgotten about his punishment. Nicolette joins them for the final night of their journey, and they decide to hire a boat for the final day. That was a huge blunder. David needs to hurry back to his bail hearing, but while out on the lake, the boat’s motor dies — they’re out of gas. While Nic searches the boat for any spare fuel, expect a lot of stress.

She manages to get back to land just in time, but it’s too late. When David returns home and rushes to his hearing, he is given the designation of flight risk. Worse worse, he is now being imprisoned on remand. That carefree day on the boat cost him his liberty. What will he do now that he’s in prison?

Corey is caught

There’s nothing like seeing someone get their fair deserts, and due to a tenacious Zara, Corey is about to get his. After Harlow abandons her own sting operation, she and Sadie resolve to seek down Corey, but they run into difficulties when Corey outwits them and kidnaps them. Zara, on the other hand, isn’t going down without a fight, and she devises a brilliant escape plan in which she injects him with his own medications as his concentration begins to lapse.

Sweet vengeance. She then manages to reclaim control of the car he has her in and return the knocked-out baddie to civilisation and justice. Corey has one final trick up his sleeve: he refuses to speak to anyone other than Harlow. This is OK with her since she can finally obtain the closure she requires. Finally, that dreadful chapter of her life has come to an end.

Harlow leaves

Harlow believes she has nothing keeping her in Erinsborough now that she has received the closure she requires from Corey. She softly expresses her feelings to a mourning Mackenzie, who understands how fleeting life is. She encourages Harlow to pursue her aspirations in London, and after receiving permission, Harlow decides to do so. Terese is taken aback by Harlow’s decision, but she bids her goodbyes and departs for a new life.

Has Amy got the hots for Toad?

Glen goes cold turkey

Zara has demonstrated she is a sharp cookie by outwitting Corey, so it’s no surprise she can pick up on her mother’s micro-signals that she has affections for Toadie. Zara notes how she alters her behaviour when she is near Toadie, such as changing his attire, getting needy, and complementing him. She brings these minor suspicions to her mother, who flatly denies them but admits that she may have crossed some lines with her housemate.

She pledges to act more responsibly, but the situation quickly becomes unpleasant. Zara realises her mistake; Amy doesn’t care for Toadie and would prefer to have her own relationship. Zara has Amy swiping right before Amy even realises it. Will Amy be able to find love over the internet?

Glen goes cold turkey

Glen is determined to quit smoking for good, and he determines that the only way to do so is to go cold turkey. Terese, who has been there, isn’t certain it’s a good idea. Clive advises her to let Glen go forwards, so they dispose of his medicines and begin the lengthy process. Glen is suffering from withdrawal symptoms to the point where he has to skip a befuddled Kiri’s birthday. He crumbles as the withdrawals become too much for him to bear. He tells Kiri a gigantic falsehood because he feels like a failure. When she discovers him, though, his problems only begin.

Grieving Mackenzie set for breakdown?

Mackenzie is confronted with the task of collecting Hendrix’s ashes, and things are starting to feel more real. She hides herself for the long road of loss ahead, but her coping mechanism is to try not to feel. She takes command of the two memorials, one in Erinsborough and the other in Sydney. Both are very different – the former is a large party, while the later is a more solemn occasion.

Mackenzie perseveres through both and finds solace in the fact that she will be able to visit the locations in Sydney where he previously went her. She thinks it’s the end, but the sentiments she’s suppressed will eventually catch up with her. Is she on the verge of a nervous breakdown?

The boy is back in town

While Aaron, Jane, and Nicolette are waiting for the outcome of David’s police interview, they’re hit with a huge distraction when there’s a surprise arrival. Jane’s golden boy, Nic’s brother, is in town and he comes with no plans to leave. How will this rock the family dynamic?

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