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Huge Eastenders Spoilers For Next Week.

The episodes of EastEnders next week see Whitney and Kush's futures hanging in the balance, while Ian faces a new nightmare when someone discovers his dark secret on the Square.

1. Gray's anger returns

Gray is currently overseeing the legal cases of Kush and Whitney, but he feels the pressure because he knows how important the results are for the Albert Square residents.

Gray returns home to the Square after visiting Whitney in jail and trying his best to reassure her, and lies to Tiffany about how well her big sister is coping.

Chantelle tries to support her husband, but when he explodes with anger, his awful behavior resurfaces and grabs her in frustration, threatening to drop Whitney's case.

2. Gray gives Kush some controversial advice

Later, Gray's boss becomes involved in Kush's legal case, urging Gray to make sure the market trader pleads guilty to pushing Leo from the balcony of Prince Albert. Gray passes this advice on to Kush, but Kat is outraged and reminds him that Kush has done nothing wrong.
Both Kat and Kush are left with a dilemma when Gray explains that Kush's guilty plea might help Whitney with her separate case.
After his hearing, Kush arrives home later in the week and reveals how it went. Did He plead guilty for the sake of Whitney?

3. Whitney faces court

Whitney also appears on the court at the end of next week for a bail hearing. Gray still supports her, but all is not well with him as he hides his stress over the pressure he faces.
Tensions are boiling over at the hearing, and Whitney struggles to keep her cool. Tiffany, Keegan, Jack, and Max all wait outside for updates, hoping desperately for Whitney to be released.

4. Peter is suspicious over Ian

If he sees one, Peter Beale certainly knows a wrong'un, because he gives Ian the cold shoulder. As next week's episodes came, Peter remembered that Ian was responsible for Dennis's murder, so he doesn't want anything more to do with him.
Peter agrees to hear Ian on the advice of Bobby and Dotty. We can't reveal the results of their chat, but Peter later tells Dotty she would be wise.

5. Dotty makes a shocking discovery

Once Shirley declares the closure of The Arches, Dotty tries to pick up some of the clients for herself by looking for messages left on the business phone.

Dotty is startled by one of the voicemail messages, and she rushes off to confront Ian. She is playing some incriminating Dennis audio begging Ian to let him out on the boat from the locked room. Ian's fate now rests in the hands of Dotty.

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