Home Soaps Home and Away Home and Away’s Sally star entered mental health clinic after drink driving charge

Home and Away’s Sally star entered mental health clinic after drink driving charge

Home and Away’s Sally star entered mental health clinic after drink driving charge

Leah Patterson was compelled to check herself into a Home and Away mental health facility.

Leah’s trauma has taken over in the last three weeks as she continues to deal with the fallout from being abducted and presumed dead by a cult. Because of her warped perception of reality, Leah thought that her companion Justin Morgan (James Stewart) was betraying her and collaborating with the cult that was terrorizing them.

Leah acted rashly during Monday’s Channel 5 soap opera, stabbing Justin with a knife. Justin tried to calm down his ex-fiancee during the tense confrontation, but Theo (Matt Evans) entered first.

Leah became even more agitated as he pleaded with his Auntie to put down the knife. After Theo phoned Juliet Godwin’s character Bree, she was able to persuade Leah to lay down the knife.

After getting home, Leah told Bree that although she doesn’t remember anything from that night, she was startled and bewildered by brief flashbacks of her wielding a weapon. Bree concluded that Leah had experienced a psychotic episode, most likely brought on by her sleep deprivation and trauma.

Leah consented to check herself into a mental health center after realizing she might have injured Justin badly. Kate Ritchie entered a private mental health facility in December 2022.

The actress, who is most known for portraying Sally Fletcher in the Australian soap opera, checked herself into the Sydney institution in an attempt to address her alcoholism. The former soap opera star announced in October that she would be abandoning her afternoon drive radio show on Nova for the remainder of the year, two months after she was charged with drunk driving and given a three-month driving suspension.

After her time in treatment, Kate talked candidly about parenting in May 2023, saying that her daughter gives her meaning in life. The 45-year-old and her ex-NRL player spouse Stuart Webb are parents to nine-year-old Mae.

Mae is one of the few people who actually allows me to be myself, and she gives me enormous power and purpose,” the woman said in an interview with The Sunday Telegraph. “Nothing more or less.” “I am just her mother, and she loves me for that,” Kate continued. To be completely honest, as she ages, she is also teaching me that I am worthy of love.”

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