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Home and Away’s Ray Meagher’s romance with wife Gilly, turning 80 and retiring Alf Stewart role

The Home and Away stalwart is the longest-lasting character on Home and Away, with many people wondering if he has any plans to step away from his Alf Stewart role

After portraying the show’s most enduring character, Alf Stewart, Ray Meagher now stands at the center of Home and Away.

Many question if he’ll stay on the soap opera as he celebrated 35 years on the show in 2023.

Outside of the program, he has been married for about 14 years and believes that his wife saved his life.

How old is Ray and where is he from?

Ray was born on 4 July 1944, making him 79 years old. He is originally from Roma in Queensland and was raised on a sheep and cattle station.

He later attended boarding school on the Gold Coast from the age of nine and played a number of different sports, including rugby.

Who is Ray’s wife?

Ray’s wife Gilly is a former nurse and the couple dated for six years before tying the knot in a private ceremony in 2010.

The soap actor revealed that they didn’t want to make a fuss about the wedding as they had both done it before.

Gilly isn’t a fan of the camera and rarely makes public appearances with her husband as Ray explained that she doesn’t want him to worry about her while attending award ceremonies.

Does Ray have children?

No, Ray is not the parent of any kids. He clarified that he couldn’t think about finding someone else when he was younger and working as a freelance actor since he was worried about when he would be able to feed.

He described his line of work as a “funny old profession,” saying that it was “precarious” because you never knew when you would have a job again.

But Ray does have a stepdaughter named Rebecca from a prior relationship with his wife Gilly.

Rebecca, who is in her 40s, enjoys talking on the phone at least once a week and getting together for dinner occasionally.


Ray underwent a triple-bypass in early 2019 after doctors found three serious blockages in his coronary artery.

Seven months later, while he was out for a walk he felt a “tickle” in his chest which led him to get another surgery.

Ray credits his wife for saving his life as she is a former nurse and helped him along in his recovery.

He called her a “life-saver” as she helped him stay healthy and introduce new lifestyle choices.

Retiring from Home and Away

Ray has admitted that he will eventually leave Home and Away.

He told Inside Soap in 2022: “Over 90% of the time, I love it here. And a lot of that is to do with the people.

“The crew are very much a part of that – they’re absolutely fantastic. It’s like leaving one family and going to another one every day for work. In terms of a straight answer, I’ll go eventually. But when? Who knows?”

Last year, he also confirmed that he signed a five-year contract with the soap.

“I signed a contract last year for another five years!” he told The Sun. “So I’ll definitely see that out.”

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