Home Soaps Home and Away Home and Away’s Matt Evans moves out of flat with co-star after ‘eventful few years’

Home and Away’s Matt Evans moves out of flat with co-star after ‘eventful few years’

Home and Away’s Matt Evans moves out of flat with co-star after ‘eventful few years’

Home and Away Theo Poulos star Matt Evans revealed he has moved out of his shared apartment with co-star Jacqui Purvis after an ‘eventful’ couple of years living together

Star of Home and Away Matt Evans has left the residence he shared with co-star Jacqui Purvis.

When Matt, who plays Theo Poulous, joined the Channel 5 soap opera a few months after Felicity Newman in 2021, they quickly became friends.

The following year, the two started living together as roommates, and they shared their Australian home for over three years before their lease expired.

Matt said he decided it was the perfect time to go since he wanted to concentrate on writing music at home.

The actor exclusively told Daily Star, “I had lived with her for three years and then I moved out on my own, one month ago.

For a long time, I’ve wanted to live alone so that I could make music and pursue my interests.

“I’ve always wanted my own space, and it’s really nice now,” he continued. I live 10 minutes away from the studio, so I can walk there to get to work.

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“From the outside, you’d think I’m more extroverted, but I’m actually quite introverted, and I need to recharge, write music, and be by myself,” the speaker said.

It’s been an interesting few years, he chuckled before cracking a joke.

Matt claimed that the reason their living arrangement worked so well was that he had so little on-screen interactions with Jacqui.

“No, everything was really calm. It was simple. I believe the saving grace was the fact that I didn’t really act with her much. I think it would be too much if we had to see each other every day at work,” he remarked.

But that was how it operated for so long, continued Matt. It was great. There’s no denying that it was unique. But now that I’m living by myself, I love sitting in the silence when I get home.

After the January release of his single, Over It, moving has given Matt more time to concentrate on his music.

The Australian singer continued by saying, “I’ve had another single ready for eons but it just got pushed back but hopefully we can get that out in the next one or two months.

“I’ve been working on an EP (Extended Play) on the side. We’re aiming toward an EP of maybe four or five tracks, and I’ve written maybe six or seven tracks.

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