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Home and Away Warning – kidnapper Leah has revealed!!

It's been more than three months since Australian viewers last saw Leah Patterson-Baker (Ada Nicodemou) on-screen, and while the Christmas break means the length of time hasn't been as long in Summer Bay, Leah's loved ones have been frenzied in the weeks since she disappeared after a meeting at Summer Bay House.

The last we saw Leah was when she got an odd phone call from an unidentified number. Leah looked puzzled after confirming who she was, as she asked: "Who is this?“. We learned then that Leah had left the house in a hurry, and since then they have not seen either her or her vehicle.

Notwithstanding Justin and Irene identifying Leah as missing, the police have found nothing to help in the search to date.

It wasn't until last week that Maggie and Roo realized that Leah's blog had once again become active, and the rambling anti-feminist posts made it clear that Leah was either forced to post or forced to give her login details to somebody.

A video of Leah is posted on the site this week Summer Bay was shocked, revealing she is engaged, with a man's hand noticeable on her arm.

We rounded up some of our own speculations last week, along with the fan theories as to who might have taken Leah.

A new trailer that premiered last week offered an indication of what had happened to Leah but we'll actually have our definitive answer this week…

Justin is able to send the picture to the police after the' engagement' photo is shared on Leah's website. But when the police come back to him and report that they have spoken directly to Leah who assured them she is absolutely fine, he is shocked.

As for them, Leah is in no danger, acting on her own free will, and there is no need to continue investigations.

"No-one has ever seen or learned about Leah since she was gone just before Tori woke up from her coma," Ada Nicodemou told the journal New Idea. "Now we're finally learning what's happening to her–and it couldn't be more grim or disturbing." It points out that Leah is currently being held captive, in a small bush lodge, by an unhinged man named Douglas who is pressuring her to sit on his side and his foot.

We can see that Leah has physical injuries and any time she does something bad or dares to speak against him, Douglas' keeps her in place.' She is placed in a bedroom when she's done expecting further instructions.

As Douglas surprises Leah with a wedding dress he declares the time has come to officially make their pairing.

"Leah is completely terrified," Ada told New Idea. "She is in an incredibly emotional and emotionally abusive condition, is extracting all her power and strength. She is transformed into a woman of the' Stepford-type.' A distraught Leah has a plan to escape and grow. We also meet each other

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