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Home and Away star Matt Evans weighs in on ‘genius’ Help Find Eden campaign

Home and Away star Matt Evans weighs in on ‘genius’ Help Find Eden campaign

Social media users are shocked by what’s happened on the show.

More than 74,000 enthusiastic viewers of Home and Away have joined the show’s innovative “Help Find Eden” initiative in response to its 2023 finale.

The beloved character Eden, portrayed by Stephanie Panozzo, vanished from the show last week’s finale, and her boyfriend Cash, played by Nicholas Cartwright, was looking for her terribly.
Seven has started the “Help Find Eden” campaign, which encourages fans to contact 1800 066 816* to hear Eden’s last phone conversation, in an effort to keep people interested throughout the Christmas holiday.

In just seven days, the number has fielded 74,231 calls, with over 28,000 coming in the first day.

Posters titled “Help Find Eden” have been circulated on social media as “pleasures” and during television commercials, urging viewers to contact the number.

One of the tens of thousands of callers intrigued by the unusual campaign was Home and Away’s very own Matt Evans, who plays Theo Poulos on the popular drama.

“I called the number as well, just to see if it was real!” he told 7NEWS.com.au.

“(The finale) was intense. I was only in that finale for a little bit of it but everybody’s performances were crazy and it’s so cool.”

Evans also teased the upcoming season, saying there are “so many good storylines coming up and it’s going to be such a good year”.

Also to react were many Home and Away viewers who took to the fan pages to share their thrill.

“Wait, what was that (phone) number? Someone try to call it!” one wrote.

“Called the number, incredible idea. That is so cool, I love it,” another said, as a third commenter called it a “genius idea from the team”.

“#Homeandaway omg that number is the best thing they’ve ever done,” a tweet read.

Home and Away returns Monday January 8, at 7pm on Channel 7 and 7Plus.

Fans can call 1800 066 816 to hear an exclusive audio message of Cash’s last call to Eden.Calls to 1800 066 816 within Australia are toll free, mobile services provider fees may apply.

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