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Home and Away Spoilers – New doctor Levi arrives to save Mackenzie

As Mackenzie battles for her life after a heart attack, a new doctor moves into the house on Home and Away in the UK the next week.

After her shocking collapse in Salt, Mackenzie (Emily Weir) finds herself fighting for her life the following week. Felicity, the co-owner of the company (Jacqui Purvis), was giving Mac a hard time since she believed that Mac had chosen a side after divorcing Tane (Ethan Browne).

Flick believed that Mac was allowing Tane to move on from the marriage that she was fervently attempting to revive when he offered her a place at the farmhouse and then started having affairs with other women.

Flick went to Salt to confront Mac after overhearing Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) discussing Tane’s pranks. Mac quickly started experiencing chest symptoms.

Mac fell into the arms of paramedic-turned-bartender Xander (Luke Van Os), complaining that she was having trouble breathing, while he gave Cash the order to call for an ambulance.

When we revisit the situation the next week, Flick is shocked to see Xander recognise that Mac is not breathing. Cash rushes downstairs to retrieve the club’s defibrillator, and Mac is at least conscious when the ambulance shows up.

Flick questions Xander about if Mac had a heart attack and whether she was the cause while paramedic Carla (Jennifer Rani) whisks Mac away. Although Xander is unsure, he notes that the issue wouldn’t have improved with more stress.

As Carla turns Mac over to Dr. Bree (Juliet Godwin), Nurse Dana (Ally Harris) is thrown into her first shift at Northern Districts Hospital head-first. Before long, they must intervene to save Mac’s life once more, but fortunately Bree is able to shock her back into a regular rhythm.

Soon after, a worried Cash and Flick are in the waiting area, but when Tane arrives, everything goes crazy. Bree forces them outside as Flick confronts Tane about his extramarital affairs.

Bree informs Mac when she awakens that although her heart had an irregular rhythm, the preliminary test findings did not seem to indicate a specific cause. Bree informs Tane and Mali (Kyle Shilling) that they’ve had to consult an expert for advice.

Enter the city’s cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Levi Fowler (Tristan Gorey). Upon introducing himself, Bree is taken aback as he had merely called a colleague for a potential recommendation. However, he clarifies that the case was assigned to him because he enjoys solving mysteries.

A bashful Flick makes his way back to the hospital as Tane and Mali sit with their roommate Mac.

Tane makes the snap decision to depart, and even though Flick tries to apologise for their previous disagreement, he isn’t interested in hearing it.

After that, Flick tries to speak with Mac but is not very successful.

Flick asks how she’s feeling, to which Mac responds, “I can’t do this anymore.” “Felicity, I can’t be between you and Tane.”

When Flick tries to apologise, Mac tells her to go.

Upon meeting Mac, Dr. Levi acknowledges that he is clueless about the reason behind her heart attack but pledges to investigate.

When Dana receives an update on Mac for Harper (Jessica Redmayne) and Irene (Lynne McGranger), she is quick to compliment Levi. It turns out that she had previously worked with him at the city’s St. Christopher’s Hospital, but she hopes that he won’t recognise her when she reports to work the next day because of the controversy surrounding her resignation.

When Levi tells Mac that he needs to do some exploratory surgery because he’s worried about one of her arteries, Mac becomes terrified. With his dapper bedside manner, Levi calms Mac down even though her heart is racing.

The first person Mac sees after surgery the following morning is Levi, who informs her that she had suffered from spontaneous coronary artery dissection, or SCAD. Levi tells her that a stent has been fitted and that she still has the rest of her life ahead of her after discovering a rip in her left coronary artery that resulted in a blood clot.

Dana, meantime, is nervous when she finds herself in an elevator with Levi because she believes a brilliant surgeon like him wouldn’t remember a menial nurse like her. Levi not only recognises her look, but he also recalls her name after giving it some thought.

He twigs, “You’re Dana Matheson.”

Dana quips, “That’s me, the stolen drugs nurse,” hoping the earth would engulf her, but she was set up, she says, and all charges were dismissed.

Levi doesn’t appear to care about any of that, though; he dislikes rumours. He is just concerned with patient care, and he is aware of her exceptional skill in this regard.

It appears that everyone at Northern Districts is having a fantastic day, and Dana is moved as he wishes her luck with her fresh start!

At work, Levi has already won quite a few admirers, which is fortunate for him because he plans to stay in Summer Bay. Actor Tristan Gorey is the newest cast member to join Levi.

When Tristan, a native of Western Australia, made his television debut in Australia back in November, he told Perth Now, “I have enjoyed the last four months.” The hectic process of relocating from Perth. The moment to go was right. Throughout COVID, I was in Washington. I was hoping to resume work when this unexpectedly came up.

“I’ve been employed in this field for a few years now,” Tristan added. “Home and Away’s high take consistency serves as the ideal training ground and incubator for honing my skill. It’s the ideal gym where you can work with amazing performers in a fantastic team and accomplish amazing scenes every day, both in front and behind the camera.

“Australian television’s iconic show.” In one way or another, I wanted to be able to draw conclusions from that.

In an additional interview with 7Life, Tristan mentioned that Ally Harris, Juliet Godwin, and Jacqui Purvis—whom Tristan had previously interacted with long ago—are also Perth-born actors who work on set.

Tristan chuckled and said, “We’ve got our own little hospital hub that’s just run by Perth people,” mentioning that Bree, Dana, and Levi all work at Northern Districts by coincidence. Which is kind of cute, in my opinion.

If the beautiful beaches of Summer Bay weren’t enough to entice us, we’ll soon find out that Levi is already related to someone in the town—and his last name gives away a lot about who that person might be.

Tristan clarified, “Levi enters during a really high-stakes plot.” “Fans will be captivated as it’s the beginning of a major plot that will last for a while.”

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