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Home and Away Spoilers – A second date for Nikau and Naomi?

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, Nikau finds himself on the cusp of another date with Naomi, while Ziggy has to make a sacrifice to save Theo’s career.

Theo (Matt Evans), who was accused of plagiarism for his TAFE assignment, is on edge as he waits for the results of the exam that might clear him.

When Theo’s mentor Justin (James Stewart) saw him struggling with his homework, he decided to take over writing it, which is when trouble began. Although Theo revised Justin’s work because he knew he couldn’t submit someone else’s, Justin was happy with his effort.

Theo kept Justin in the dark about the fate of his work out of respect for him. As a result, Leah (Ada Nicodemou) was alarmed when Justin expressed excitement at learning that Theo had received a distinction, and she compelled Justin to acknowledge that he was the author.

Theo was naturally irritated to find that he was being accused of plagiarism on a project he had written himself—not to mention the fact that it was Justin who had tipped him off—so Leah then agreed that Justin should tell TAFE what had occurred.

Although Leah and Justin felt ashamed of their error, it was too late to undo it. The only way for Theo to demonstrate his understanding of the material was to take an exam; showing Justin’s effort at the assignment to Theo’s tutor was ineffective.

Theo is relieved to learn that he passed his exam and is finally in the clear, but little does he know that after solving one issue, he’s about to run across another obstacle of the scale of Justin.

When Justin receives a call from the TAFE, he’s told that a complaint has been made against him to the training services, and as a result he’s going to lose his accreditation for apprenticeships.

He’s no longer going to be able to teach Theo!

When Justin informs Theo that he must finish his apprenticeship with a different mechanic—something Theo has no desire to do—Theo is upset.

Theo is required to perform menial jobs at the garage in the absence of a supervisor, and Justin calls around but is unable to locate anyone in the neighbourhood, so it appears all hope is lost.

In the meantime, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) realises that it has been a while since she last saw her sister Coco (Anna Cocquerel), and after talking about it with Dean (Patrick O’Connor), they decide to take a road trip to Cairns together.

The two are eager to start their preparations because it’s the ideal time to travel the 2400 kilometres that lie ahead of them. That is, until Justin encounters Ziggy and asks her to take over Theo’s apprenticeship while he apologises profusely for all he’s done wrong.

Ziggy doubts her ability after remembering her disastrous attempts to instruct Dean’s surf lessons. They would have to postpone their planned vacation and assume a great deal of responsibilities.

Dean reassures her that despite her lack of proficiency in teaching surf, she is more than adequate in teaching about vehicles and equipment. She is the ideal candidate to help Theo complete his apprenticeship.

Dean dismisses the idea of taking a road trip, saying that they can do it later.

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for Theo?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) is stunned when he learns he’s been nominated for a bravery award.

Two weeks have passed since Nikau, who was doing lifesaving duties at the surf club, prevented Naomi’s (Jamaica Vaughan) sister Goldie from drowning. Nik grudgingly agreed to have lunch with Naomi as a thank you after some convincing from John (Shane Withington), and although he enjoyed talking with her, he assumed it would be the end of the matter.

Nevertheless, Nik found himself back in Naomi’s company after being transported to the hospital, where he discovered her working as a nurse, after walking on a sea urchin during another rescue last week.

Nik was kept in for observation overnight despite having minor surgery to remove the spine from his foot. He spent the entire time with Naomi, who stayed to visit with him after her shift finished.

Nik senses a rat when John invites him into the office on his day off and asks him to clean it. When Naomi later showed there, she appeared to know the cause of John’s odd behaviour but kept her mouth shut.

Later, John calls everyone into the club room to share the good news that Nik has been nominated for a bravery award for saving Goldie. When the cheers stop, Nik asks Naomi if she was aware of it; she responds that she had nominated him.

John excitedly tells Nik about the splendour of the awards ceremony they’ll be attending, but Nik is nervous. He was only doing his job, the last thing he wants is all this attention, never mind feeling out of place at a posh dinner.

Nik admits to Naomi that he’s dreading it, even though uncle Tane (Ethan Browne) is aware that the late Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) would be supporting his nephew.

With Nik’s girlfriend Bella (Courtney Miller) away in New York, he’s thrown when Naomi suddenly offers to accompany him to hold his hand…

Is Nik about to agree to a ‘date’ with another girl?

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