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Home and Away favourite Matt Evans as you’ve never seen him before: Topless star stuns in video with co-stars

Matt Evans is prepared to reveal a new side of himself to Home and Away viewers—a side that is very different from that of his character Theo Poulos.

Say hello to Matt, the artist, who makes his debut appearance in his new single, Over It, full-length music video.

The actor’s first video, which can be viewed below and was shot in his house, features him partying hard with some of his co-stars.

Evans exclusively tells 7Life, “We use only one camera in my house. We made a house party using some blackout curtains, and we filmed it during the day.”

I thought it would be a really fantastic idea to gather all of my friends together for a small party, and there will undoubtedly be many actors from Home and Away as well as other actors in general.

The actor described the song’s significance by saying that it is about “being finished with a relationship and kind of moving on and checking in with your pals again and trying to find happiness.”

Fortunately for Evans, some of the best actors in Australia are among his pals, including Adam Rowland, Jacqui Purvis, Luke Van Os, Kyle Shilling, Juliet Godwin, Emily Weir, and Stephanie Panozzo from the Home and Away cast.

A coworker from Channel Seven who created and directed the film was one of the supporters.

Given that the project was entirely self-funded, Evans recalls, “I genuinely appreciated everyone’s assistance.

“I set out food and beverages for everyone, and they were all just so happy to be there.”

Because of his time on Home and Away, Evans was accustomed to lipsyncing, whereas many news artists could find it weird.

As he recounts, “I already know the procedure of how to do it from Home and Away. I would go into the studio and I would record everything in the studio and then we would have playback on the day and you just sing along to it.”

So it wasn’t odd in the least.

Evans spoke on The Morning Show in January in order to discuss this fascinating new phase of his career in advance of the song’s release.

“I’ve been singing for nearly ten years, and it’s been a long time in the making. I participated in The Voice while attending WAAPA (Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts) in Perth, he remarked at the time.

It’s quite fantastic because it’s what I’ve been wanting to accomplish for years.

Evans revealed that the song is about his ex-girlfriend and that he called her to inform her of its impending release.

I responded by saying, “Hey, I wrote this song, it’s coming out. I might have amplified it a little, but it’s all right, I’ve gone on.”

Because I created this song a few years ago, in 2020. So for me right now, it feels like a totally other period of time in my life.

He jokingly said, in reference to the song’s title, “So I’m so over it.”

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