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General Hospital Spoilers: With Sonny in jail, Cyrus and a new war begin; who will Drew support?

Report on General Hospital spoilers Cameron Mathison’s character, Drew Cain, is adept at knowing when to drop the fight and go away. He had no choice but to accept Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) assistance. He was somewhat reassured that he might not need to watch his back as closely for the next three years thanks to the modest level of protection he had. But for Drew, learning that Sonny’s enchanted defensive abilities had vanished over night from Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) was just the start of things to come.

Some fans believe Cyrus may even be to blame for the severe punishment Judge Kim (Kurt Yue) gave Drew. Was the entire plan to manipulate Drew into siding with him against Sonny, and if so, how will he be able to exert any influence? We’re crossing our fingers that tarot cards are not involved.

Spoilers for General Hospital: Drew Cain Is Not a Gangster

Drew attempted to atone for the actions he took when previously under Victor Cassadine’s (Charles Shaughnessy) sway by going to hell and back.

Nobody would dare call Drew “brainwashed,” albeit being brainwashed isn’t for the weak of heart.

Perhaps for this reason Cyrus was aware that he would make the ideal target for him to recruit to the evil side. But if Sonny joins them in prison, the situation for Drew could change if he does.

Cyrus Renault’s Reach Knows No Bounds: GH Spoilers

Cyrus has benefited from his longtime insider status. With enough time, he’s been able to pick his supporters wisely and put together a little army that won’t be kind to Sonny.

Will Drew participate in it? It seems that even though he has been imprisoned for a few years, he still had agents working for him outside to bring Sonny to justice.

Who would have guessed that the man who found Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) giving birth in a forest would end up having a connection to Cyrus in his younger years?

It appears that Cyrus has ties that we were unaware of, and as this unfolds, more links may be revealed.

Spoilers for General Hospital: A New War is brewing

Soon, Sonny will be inside Pentonville with Drew. While this may disrupt Carly Spencer’s (Laura Wright) visitation schedule, it won’t be the only sticky situation for Sonny’s ex-wife.

She has been loyal to Sonny throughout the years, and if Drew started to question that now, he wouldn’t look too good.

Because she is the only one who can defend Sonny’s empire, Carly may be busy outside those boundaries.

Drew might become enraged that she feels pressured to do this, and he might vent his resentment on Sonny for allowing her.

Will Drew work with Cryus to ensure that Sonny’s empire collapses, bringing him down with it? To learn more about GH, keep coming back with us for updates and spoilers.

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