Home Soaps General Hospital GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers: Willow Questions Nina’s Actions!

GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers: Willow Questions Nina’s Actions!

GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers: Willow Questions Nina’s Actions!

The current episode of GENERAL HOSPITAL is getting unpleasant! Brook Lynn attempts to patch things up, Tracy gives Ned instructions, Lucy fears she’s failed, Kristina plants a bomb on Sam, Dante makes use of the mysterious key, and Willow wonders why Nina has changed!

Brook Lynn has been making an effort to make up with her buddy Maxie after she betrayed their friendship in order to assist Tracy in stealing Deception. And Brook Lynn intends to repay Maxie for her kindness in kind. She asks, “Maybe there’s something I can do for you in return.”

When Tracy returned home to Port Charles, she was irritated to see that Ned had changed and no one had informed her. She begins giving her son his marching orders, though, without missing a beat! She insists, “You have to stop Michael from taking ELQ.”

Is Lucy referring about handing Tracy control over Deception, her relationship with Martin, or something else entirely when she says, “I think I made a mistake”? Lucy is someone you never know!

At Kelly’s, Kristina shares what she believes to be good news with Sam over a meal. She says, “I’m going to be Molly’s surrogate.” Will Sam, though, find this news to be as nice as Kristina’s?

Sam was concerned that Dante would use Forsythe’s key to unlock something on his own, but as he uses it to enter a locker, the detective is by himself. What is waiting for him inside?

Sonny was able to understand from Nina that she is attempting to let Michael dictate how soon she will become involved in Willow and Wiley’s life. Will Willow, though, be as readily persuaded as he appeared to be? She tells her mother, “It feels like you’ve been pulling away lately.” Can Nina prevent the entire thing from coming back to haunt her?

The drama that will air on GH is already hinting at in this teaser for today’s show!

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