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Emmerdale’s Belle Dingle and Tom stars address future after ‘aggressive’ history

Emmerdale’s Belle Dingle and Tom stars address future after ‘aggressive’ history

EXCLUSIVE: Emmerdale executives have revealed that Belle Dingle will pop the question to her partner Tom King in front of Olympic greats on the ITV soap opera. Will he accept?
In upcoming scenes on Emmerdale, Eden Taylor Draper’s character Belle Dingle makes a proposal to James Chase’s character Tom King. When Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) encourages her to try the proposal again, it gives her something to think about.

Belle helps Leyla Hardling (Roxy Shahidi) come up with a fresh idea. The next day, Leyla takes a blindfolded Tom to an ice rink; Tom is unaware of what is happening.

As a huge fan, he is soon left in disbelief to discover that Belle has arranged a marriage proposal with the assistance of legendary Olympian skaters Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean.

As soon as Torvil and Dean skate over, Belle is ecstatic that he accepted her proposal of marriage. It’s a touching moment.

But since they first met, Belle and Tom have experienced highs and lows, so things haven’t always been easy.

Tom physically reacted to Belle in the past few months after she turned down his proposal. She cut her head open on a table after falling to the ground as a result of it.

He gave Belle a heartfelt apology, assured her it was an accident, and promised never to let that happen again.

She accepted him, and judging by her recent proposal, it’s obvious that she changed her mind about getting married.

Will everything go according to plan for their Valentine’s Day wedding, or might his “aggressive” past cause a problem?

Eden stated in an interview with Express.co.uk and other media outlets: “Since then, we have been on a good path.”

Tom went on, “I think Belle is a very good person because she was able to forgive him for that. It was kind of like a freak incident.” It was a horrible incident, and I believe they simply moved on and kind of forgot about it.

“I believe that when Tom first entered the show, everyone was staring at him and assumed something was wrong with him,” Tom continued.

“When he was younger, he was having problems and exhibited aggression among other things. It’s very easy, in my opinion, to assume that he would act in the same way later on.

“Unfortunately, I believe that everyone is back there, prepared to believe that everything will end badly, now that it has occurred.

“It was just something which happened unfortunately and it just shows how strong their relationship is and again how wonderful Belle is.”

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