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Emmerdale mother fears ‘social services’ will come knocking at Christmas

Emmerdale mother fears ‘social services’ will come knocking at Christmas

Exclusive: As Christmas approaches on the ITV soap opera Emmerdale, a star has talked about the anxieties of her character.

Olivia Bromley portrays Dawn Taylor in Emmerdale, who soon finds herself terrified that social services will knock on her door after her son Evan is born.

On the ITV soap opera, Dawn and her spouse Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) are expecting a child. Because of her fear of relapsing, the former drug addict was determined not to take any medication during or after giving birth.

Olivia, who portrays Dawn, spoke candidly with Express.co.uk recently about her concern that the character will soon need social services due to her history of addiction.

She stated: “Dawn’s anxiety just gets really bad about the kind of medication around her birth, and about the fact that because she was so addicted at the time, she doesn’t remember much about being a young mother in the past.”

“And then to also be deprived of a small child… I believe a great deal of trauma surrounds that.

After her mother passed away from a drug overdose, Dawn was reunited with her son Lucas Taylor (Dexter Ansell), who had been taken away from her when she was a heroin addict. She also adopted a child named Clemmie Reed (Mabel Addison).

Olivia continued, “She starts to worry right away about whether or not Clemmie will be taken away. Everyone else is just like, “Oh, this is so annoying,” but she goes from having no knowledge of social services to having knowledge of them and becomes involved.

“But you can see why because she just panics immediately.”

Will Dawn be able to maintain her composure and believe that she is raising her kids well?

About her character’s second attempt at parenthood, Olivia remarked, “I think this second chance of pregnancy and being a mother-and she wants to do everything totally differently and is almost as putting herself under extreme pressure, to be kind of perfect.”

Dawn eventually went into labor at the Christmas market, but when her contractions got worse, Billy was nowhere to be found.

Rather, she receives help from Danny Miller’s character Aaron Dingle before giving birth to a healthy boy named Evan. Billy’s father inspired Evan’s name.

How will the couple adjust to being the parents of three kids? Will it be tough at first, or will Clemmie and Lucas eventually get along with their new sibling?

Dawn’s announcement that she was expecting a second child worried Clemmie, but maybe the child and Evan click right away.

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