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EastEnders The Six mystery blackmail twist ‘sealed’ – and it’s nothing to do with Dean

Favorite character from EastEnders Keanu Taylor was killed on Christmas Day and buried covertly by The Six; however, social media fans have “worked out” a stunning blackmail twist.

Fans of EastEnders are certain that The Six will be subjected to blackmail about Keanu Taylor’s murder by an unexpected neighbor.

On Christmas Day 2023, Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) killed Keanu because he had attacked Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) on their wedding day after learning he wasn’t her real father.

Following their observation of the murder, Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylorth), Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner), Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal), and Denise Fox (Diane Parish) buried his corpse beneath the floor of Kathy’s Café. Since then, Suki’s ex-partner Nish Panesar (Navin Chowdry) has taken over the establishment.

Recent scenes see Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) returning to Walford to discover the true fate of her son Keanu, who had earlier run away from the town with money belonging to Phil Mitchel (Steve McFadden). The only member of the Taylor family still residing in Albert Square is her daughter Bernie Taylor (Clair Norris), and some keen-eyed fans believe she may have been the one to reveal The Six.

<strong>Fans of EastEnders are certain that The Six will soon face blackmail<strong>

Fearlesshuh said on Reddit in the r/eastenders section, “Theory: Benrie knows Keanu is dead and is planning something.” I’ve been thinking about this for a long, but the most recent instances have strengthened my conviction.

I believe that the writers’ decision to remove the Taylors but leave Bernie in place was part of a larger scheme. They encouraged the viewer to assume that Dean Wicks, or someone else, was still in the bar after Keanu was slain, and that the rear door was left ajar. Nothing has been said about it since. This will be useful in the future.

“We are aware that Bernie—despite her attempts to forgive Keanu after cutting him off—was the one who informed Phil about what Keanu had done. She was also not invited to the wedding. Bernie had implied that Sharon may report him to the police, so Keanu went to the pub to get Albie up, and I believe she went with him. Since Bernie knew the wedding reception would be there and was present when Linda killed Keanu, I think she went to the Vic to look for Keanu. Probably since she exposed him and that’s what occurred, she blamed herself.

<strong>Christmas Day saw the murder of Keanu Taylor<strong>

Since then, Bernie has discreetly prevented The Six from being taken prisoner by convenience. For example, he has stopped Kathy from calling the police on Karen, convinced her that it would be better if she leaves and doesn’t cause any more issue. She now has a compelling incentive to stay in Walford as she is aware of Keanu’s fate.

“I believe she is attempting to get revenge on The Six in a way that suits her. She was successful in convincing Nish to take a job at the cafe. Is it possible that she is aware Keanu is buried there? She currently works for Nish, who was involved in the events of Christmas. Bernie’s passing sparked an argument between Keanu and Nish. At the café reopening, Bernie “accidentally” played a voice note of Keanu; however, it’s possible that she did it on purpose to elicit a response from Kathy, Stacey, Suki, and even Nish who were present.

<strong>A fan of EastEnders believes that Bernie Taylor knows her brother has passed away<strong>

The writers deliberately portrayed Bernie as a nosy, gossipy person throughout 2023, but I believe that this is actually her strong suit, which she would utilize to avoid being noticed by the ladies. I think someone will ultimately blackmail The Six, maybe in an anonymous manner. My thoughts were similar to those of Pretty Little Liars.

“I believe that Dean will be a clear suspect for them, and they’ll discover some way that he was at the bar before to Keanu’s incident, which will lead them to believe it’s him. As it happens, Bernie was the one who trailed Keanu to the bar. Bernie got his hands on the murder weapon that Linda had hidden in a box beneath her bed, and I have a feeling that it will go missing.”

<strong>The Vic was frequented by Dean Wicks on the evening of Keanus murder<strong>

Zealousideal-Key2925 retorted: “This notion seems plausible to me! It is quite credible, despite Bernie having exhibited no signs of suspicion or emotion to support this idea. Still, it may hold water! I believe Bernie is a great character on the show and I truly enjoy her.” Parking_Age_1496 said, adding, “This idea makes sense. As everything is disclosed, I wonder whether we will have a flashback in the same manner as we did a flash forward.”

HaroldWeigh said, “I would love it if Bernie did this and got the money to pay Phil back and bring karen and Mitch back home to the square.” HaroldWeigh posted: “Im not totally on board with the theory but your post has really shown me the increased role that Bernie has had and it’s made me think that she might will be involved some way with the six story in the future.” Whether Bernie reveals The Six will have to wait and be seen by fans.

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