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Danny Dyer says he do hot yoga with wife Joanne Mas to clear his ‘nutty brain’

Danny Dyer claims this week that EastEnders has taken soaps' to a new level.'

The actor, 42, appeared on Tuesday's This Morning video link and said he was "very proud" of BBC One's exciting episodes to mark the 35th anniversary of the show this week.

The TV hardman-who plays Mick Carter on the popular program-recognizes that it will be a' real shock' for viewers to learn who dies in the epic River Thames episode this week.
Danny also made the shocking confession later in the interview that he is doing hot yoga with his real-life wife Joanne Mas to clear up his ' nutty brain.'
Talking to host Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, Danny said:' It's a shock who will die, I'm telling you. I think we took that soap stuff to a new level.

Every episode starts with the disaster, and we jump back seven hours earlier, and then there are four different characters and their routes to be on the boat, and why they're there and what their storyline is.' It's brilliant. We are truly proud of this. We knew something special was happening. It is inspiring. I wish we could stay every ep' at this level.

Monday night's episode kicked off the week in style with the Carters ' boat party on the Thames River thrown into chaos when the boat began sinking, and Mick's drunk wife, Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) being stuck in the boat. Mick rushed to try to rescue her, but as the ending theme played, the couple was in the water to their necks and left in fear for their lives.

Danny revealed the tense scenes that had been filmed in a water tank with crew members pouring' pea juice' to make the water look like the color of the Thames, and he joked that he ended up' looking like Dot Cotton' after shooting 10-hour days in murky-looking liquid.
He said:' Filming it took six weeks. Usually, it takes about ten days to shoot four episodes, and we spread it over Christmas.

We were doing it in a tank of water. We thought we all went to Pinewood, and then we went to Basildon.

The tank was OK, nice and warm. They mixed pea juice inside it to make it look like the Thames.
 Obviously, in a good way.' While Mick told Linda that if she couldn't be saved, he would go down with her, Danny joked that his alter-ego might slip off and let her die. 

The star of the Football Factory said:' He can change his mind and go,' you know what, I love you, but I'll have to make the slips. He loves his wife.
It was confirmed that one character would die this week – and even Danny joked that Mick will meet with his maker. He quipped: 'It's me, I die. I was gutted. They called me upstairs, I go out strong, and I'm happy about it no, listen. You know I can't declare it.'
Danny revealed his surprising new hobby that helps de-stress.

I enjoy dabbling in a little yoga I need something to clean out my head, I have a little nutty brain,' he added.

My wife and I do some hot yoga, good bonding process. It's a real soul check. I learned that later in life, but it motivated me.' Speaking to Eamonn, Danny said:' You need to get a couple of trunks and join me. A few straight men are interested in some yoga, what do you think? Eamonn's wife Ruth interjected:' wouldn't sit in a hot tub with me!'

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