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Daniel is accused of lying after Max’s collapse on Coronation Street, according to spoilers.

Is there more difficulty for Daniel on the horizon?

After Max’s fall in Coronation Street tonight, Daniel Osbourne is horrified when he is accused of lying (Wednesday 2nd February).

Max accused the teacher of having an inappropriate relationship with his crush Summer Spellman, and the two recently clashed on the ITV serial.

Despite the fact that their feud appeared to be resolved, Daniel was upset to discover that Max had broken into his flat during Tuesday night’s episode (1st February), and even more so when he discovered that he’d ruined valuable clay imprints of Daniel, Bertie, and Sinead’s hands.

Things took a tragic turn when Max slipped and slid down the stairs as a distraught Daniel pushed the boy out of his flat.

Daniel will be forced to cope with the ramifications of the tragedy, which he continues to believe was an accident, in scenes slated to show tonight.

However, Max’s father, David, is skeptical and confronts the teacher on the cobblestones, calling Daniel a liar.

Lydia will step in before things get out of hand between David and Daniel, as Daisy watches on from distance, concerned.

Daisy pays a visit to Daniel’s flat later to see how he’s doing, but when she questions if he’s hiding anything, Daniel becomes enraged, and a fight erupts.

It doesn’t take long for the mood to shift, and the two are sharing a passionate embrace until Lydia interrupts them.

Mrs. Crawshaw later summons Daniel to school to discuss the Max incident.

When she admits that he didn’t shove Max, Daniel is relieved, and she asks him to apply for a permanent position at the conclusion of his placement.

When David and Shona learn of the news, they are stunned, but will they let it go?

In the aftermath of the event, actor Rob Mallard, who plays Daniel in the ITV serial, has warned that his character, who has already knocked his father Ken down the stairs following a disagreement over Sinead in 2017, may return to some “dark areas.”

“It’s not the first time Daniel has been caught off guard at the top of a flight of steps! It’s starting to become his thing, “He went on to explain.

“He’s been to some dark places and he doesn’t want to go back to them ever again.

“A lot of that was over Sinead – when he pushed Ken [Barlow] it was over Sinead, so the fact that Max comes in and breaks something of Sinead’s is one of those triggers that takes him right back there. I think it does worry Daniel how much Max is able to get a rise out of him.”

Elsewhere tonight, Sarah’s underwhelmed when Adam buys her a smart oven as a birthday present, and Rita tries to persuade Audrey to put their quarrel to bed by giving her a new hairdo, but will her plan work?

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