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Corrie Sarah’s real dad ‘revealed’ as fake medical records are exposed

EXCLUSIVE: Coronation Street fans are desperate to learn the identity of Sarah Barlow’s biological father is, and now artificial intelligence has worked out who it could be

The biological father of Sarah Barlow will be identified in the new year, and according to AI, there have been suggestive hints that the results of the DNA test might have been manipulated.

For months, viewers of Coronation Street have been glued to their televisions as a result of Stephen Reid’s cobbles killer scandal. Residents have been keen to obtain the Canadian killer’s incriminating diary while Audrey Roberts copes with his death.

The devoted mother was taken aback on Friday, December 15, when some family secrets revealed in the late businessman’s journal cast doubt on the identity of her biological father. The blonde bombshell had always believed her father was Brian Tilsley until today.

However, things in Soapland are never quite that easy. Gail dated a number of guys in the late 1980s before becoming pregnant with Sarah.

In the coming year, Sarah Barlow’s biological father will be revealed, and according to AI, there have been signs that raise the possibility that the DNA test results were tampered with.

Because of the Stephen Reid cobbles killer incident, Coronation Street viewers have been riveted to their televisions for months. While Audrey Roberts grieves over her husband, the locals have been eager to get their hands on the Canadian killer’s incriminating diary.

On Friday, December 15, the loving mother was shocked to learn that some family secrets found in the late businessman’s journal raised questions about who her biological father might be. Up until today, the blonde bombshell had thought her father was Brian Tilsley.

But nothing in Soapland is ever quite that simple. Before becoming pregnant with Sarah in the late 1980s, Gail dated a number of men.

Devoted viewers who have watched the show since the 1980s may recall that following Gail’s adultery with Ian Latimer, it was uncertain if Brain Tilsley was Sarah’s biological father. The hunk’s relationship with her raised many doubts regarding Sarah’s paternity after she was born prematurely in 1987.

Due to his early resistance to acknowledging Sarah as his daughter, Brian and Sarah’s connection became strained as a result of these uncertainties. But later on, a DNA test verified that Brian was, in fact, Sarah’s father.

However, there have been previous instances where the reliability of a DNA test has been questioned. Earlier this year, after Sarah became pregnant with Damon Hay’s child, Stephen Reid falsified the unborn child’s medical records.

He altered the document to name her husband Adam Barlow as the biological father instead of the Weatherfield bad lad. Bard AI continued by speculating about how Sarah’s entire world would collapse if Brain hadn’t been her biological father.

The statement went on: “Sarah would surely be shocked to learn that Ian Latimer is her biological father if he reappeared on Coronation Street. She has a close bond with Brian Tilsley’s extended family and has always thought of him as her father.

Her identity and sense of belonging would be severely disrupted if she found out that her biological father is someone she had never met. Sarah would probably respond to this news in a nuanced and varied way.

“She might feel a sense of betrayal and anger towards Gail for keeping this secret from her for so long. She might also feel confused and disoriented about her own identity.

“However, she might also feel a sense of curiosity about Ian Latimer and a desire to learn more about his side of the family.” Fans will have to stay tuned to find out the identity of Sarah’s real father.

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