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Coronation Street Spoilers:Geoff plans a new life with Yasmeen?

Coronation Street next week will see Ali wave farewell to the Street as James ' mystery is exposed, and Yasmeen is trapped between Geoff and Alya in the middle of it. Here are 14 massive moments to come.

1. Gary's revenge goes too far

Still seething after hearing that Ali and Maria have slept together recently, Gary is trying to enlist Sharon's help in dishing some revenge on poor unsuspecting Ali.
As Ali unexpectedly collapses with Craig during a health check-up, Toyah and Dr. Gaddas run to his rescue. Toyah is forced into admitting that Ali may have taken an overdose of diazepam in the heat of the moment. Gary looks horrified when Ali is taken away in an ambulance.

2. Tensions run high after Ali's collapse

Terrified that his plan might have killed Ali, Gary leaves a message to Sharon laying the blame forcefully on her.
Meanwhile, she gets it in the neck from Ryan as Maria arrives at the hospital, who blasts her for playing Ali and Gary off against each other.
As Ali wakes up, he's shocked to learn that due to an overdose, he's been admitted and pleads for his innocence. Yet his claims fall on deaf ears, with the evidence pointing against him.

3. Ali plans to prove his innocence

Ali believes Gary should be responsible for spiking him, but with Ryan refusing to accept the wild claim, Ali is going out to prove it.
Maria spots Ali in his car and comes in, expecting to have a heart-to-heart overdose. As Ali shares his theories about Gary, locks Maria in, and drives off, things escalate quickly. Terrified by his bizarre behavior, Maria asks Ali to let her out. Once she finally gives in, Maria runs to Gary to fill him in. Will Gary succeeded in convincing Maria of its innocence?

4. Ali sets off for a fresh start

Ali gets fed up with living at Weatherfield after the week's drama. Feeling like he has no reason to stay, Ali decides to move on after having lost Maria to Gary.
Of course, he's left to attend to some unfinished business. He approaches Maria and describes the reasons why he had left. The former couple wishes each other well, with the air cleared.
Ali says a final goodbye with Ryan after the last visit to Toyah to apologize for the trouble he has caused, and leaves the Street behind.

5. The truth outs for James

As Aggie wins her award at the Weatherfield Golden Hearts Awards, the family's touching moment soon gets spoiled when a reporter confronts James, who questions him about his sexuality.
Horrified to hear that rumors are on social media about his sexuality, James says he's single, and he's making a quick getaway.
Later, frustrated James admits to Ed and Aggie that he's been out on social media–a former friend, Danny.

6. James fears his career is over

Even though Michael confirms that Danny has taken down his social media post, James claims that the damage has already been done and that his reputation will never recover.
Deciding to challenge Danny, James lies in his careless post. Even though Danny maintains that it was an accident, James doesn't have any of that, and bitterly points out that Danny robbed him of the chance to come out on his terms.

7. Geoff plans a new life with Yasmeen

After lying to Yasmeen that he had been to see the business manager, Geoff admitted his latest big plan: to sell and move abroad.
Yasmeen is unconvinced, but when she attempts to voice her doubts, Geoff uses her thoughts against her and accuses her of having doubts about her relationship.
Alya confided in Ryan about her concerns about Yasmeen, but when Eileen discovered that Geoff had once locked Yasmeen in a magic box and left her, Alya became angry. She threatens Yasmeen, who leaps to Geoff's defense. It looks like Alya's work might have been cut out for her.

8. Roy takes a stand for Nina

As Roy reveals Nina to his bat watcher colleagues, they're shocked by her style of dress and can't resist making derogatory remarks. Even when Nina shows her home-made bat cases, the group refuses to accept her. Angry at their behavior, Roy and Brian are going to resign from the group.
Nina is looking forward to the next meeting and willing to protect her feelings. Roy lies that the conference has been postponed. However, when she learns that the meeting wasn't canceled at all, Nina worries that Roy is embarrassed to be seen with her. Was Roy going to come clean about what happened?

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