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Coronation Street spoilers: Yasmeen Nazir’s abuse storyline ending ‘confirmed’ by ITV boss.

Husband Geoff Metcalfe had controlled CORONATION STREET resident Yasmeen Nazir for nearly a year. But it seems she's going to make things come alive as an ITV boss has teased her plot outcome Geoff Metcalfe (played by Ian Bartholomew) has tightened his grip on wife Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King) a little more every day for the past year. Coronation Street announced that the two women would be embroiled in a coercive control plot, but the psychologically abusive acts have been cranked up a notch in recent weeks. With many fans begging the ITV soap to put an end to the evil actions of Geoff, Director Iain MacLeod from Coronation Street has spoken about what is to come.

From throwing out old Yasmeen's clothes to sending her on a spontaneous shopping spree to buying new ones, to banishing her from work after she hurt her back when Geoff told her to move all the furniture in her house and wash it from top to bottom; coercive control comes in many ways 
Most recent ITV viewers were shocked when Geoff killed Charlotte Bronte, Yasmeen's beloved pet chicken, and then roasted her that night for their dinner.
According to the latest soap spoilers, Geoff is going to further separate Yasmeen from her family, friends, and Speed Daal. In the coming scenes, he's going to ask Yasmeen's granddaughter Alya Nazir (Sair Khan), to sell her company shares back to him and her grandma.
This comes after he wrote a scathing review of her online customer service to tarnish her reputation and drive her out. 

Unsurprisingly, Alya is not going to succumb to Geoff's pressure and is even more suspicious of his actions. 
As for what was coming up, Iain explained how Yasmeen could find herself trapped inside Geoff's house. 
He said to RadioTimes.com, "This pattern of behavior continues until the victims are physically abused by the very person who professes to love them. Prison is even more literal, with the victim controlling their partner's access to money as they visit the home and whom they see And and when and what they eat.
"We're going to explore all these aspects of this complex problem in the coming episodes when Geoff's stranglehold on Yasmeen tightens.
"I think the plot will give strength and insight to those who are in an abusive relationship before it's too late," he said. 
There are many things to consider about Iain's remarks, for example, it seems almost sure that Geoff is going to lock Yasmeen inside the house and watch her every move using the excuse of her injured back as a reason not to work 
As for how he could get around her not seeing her friends, she could use the passing of Charlotte Bronte as an excuse to continue to grieve away from prying eyes and questioning.

The fact that Iain said he thinks this plot will provide some inspiration for those in a similar situation to Yasmeen to "get out before it's too late." Though darker scenes are coming, does that mean that Yasmeen will finally get out of this abusive marriage alive?
Many people have taken Twitter to theorize the end of this storyline.
One said: "I'd like to see @itvcorrie do a storyline where Yasmeen gets her revenge on Geoff by slowly poisoning him for murdering her pet.  #coronationstreet.” 
"I want Yasmeen to smack Geoff to death with that hoover he bought her #coronationstreet," another suggested. 
While someone else wrote: "Omg Yasmeen, please get rid of Geoff. I hate this storyline! #coronationstreet.” 
Whether or not Yasmeen has the power inside her to physically take revenge on her husband, she must first realize what's going on with her.

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