Home Soaps Coronation Street Coronation Street newcomer teases ’emotional manipulation’ as 2024 storyline kicks off

Coronation Street newcomer teases ’emotional manipulation’ as 2024 storyline kicks off

Coronation Street newcomer teases ’emotional manipulation’ as 2024 storyline kicks off

Will 2024 be a quieter year for Carla Connor of Coronation Street? She had a difficult year after almost falling back into a psychotic breakdown, almost losing Underworld, and having to say goodbye to her husband Peter Barlow.

In the coming days, Jack Carroll, a recent addition to Coronation Street, will make his ITV soap opera debut as Bobby Donovan, the nephew of Carla Connor (played by Alison King). The actor has acknowledged that he will be a part of one of the main plots of 2024 and hinted at the effect his arrival will have on Carla.

Following Carla’s recent admission to Peter that her brother Rob Donovan (Marc Bayliss) had been phoning her from prison, Bobby appears out of nowhere. He tells Carla that his mother has kicked him out, and since his belongings have followed closely behind, it appears Carla has found herself a new roommate for the time being.

Actor Jack recently talked about the problems Carla and a few other Weatherfield residents are going to face because of Bobby.

“It’s not always a smooth transition for her [Carla], and there’s definitely trouble being caused,” he said to Metro.co.uk. They consequently get into some amusing situations.

“I’m not sure if this is a subtle attempt at emotional manipulation on Bobby’s part, but I believe he anticipates a familiarity and a familial component from the start.

It obviously takes Carla some time to warm up to him because she’s not really that kind of person. That’s hilarious.

“He wants that because he senses this familiarity. A double act has been enjoyable to create and is starting to take shape.”

Jack also mentioned Bobby’s character, saying, “He is a charming troublemaker. He takes advantage of his disability and cheekiness to get away with a lot.

“He’s a humorous character in the vein of a classic Corrie funny rabble-rouser, but I think there is an emotional part to him as well I think that will get explored more as we go forward and that will be fun to play as well.”

Beyond this, he provided additional details about a significant plot point that Bobby will be a part of in the upcoming year.

The celebrity acknowledged that he is eager to take on the challenge even though he has only lately learned the “nuts and bolts” of the plot.

“I would even go so far as to say it’s a ‘blockbuster,’” he declared. There’s always a small amount of anxiety; I only learned that I would be a part of this extensive plot after only a few weeks here.

“After that dissipates a little bit then you’re just very excited to get stuck in, and that’s where I’m at now.”

Producer Iain MacLeod recently hinted at the intriguing plot, but no specifics about what or who is involved have been revealed.

He stated to the press, including Express.co.uk, “[It’s] Possibly our biggest story of the upcoming year.” Bobby’s first role on Coronation Street is a brilliant one, playing a charmingly sardonic, classic Corrie feckless male.

“And the following year, he unexpectedly finds himself in the center of this enormous story. About the casting, the role, and his involvement for the upcoming year and beyond, I’m ecstatic.”

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